Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Morning of Day 2...

It's 8:30am. I got here about an hour ago. I can't believe I slept that long!!! Brandon left shortly after he posted** and Jason took over. I woke up when Brandon walked through the door. Even though he didn't tell me everything (thank goodness he didn't...the seizures, the would have sent me running), I was having a small panic attack. My chest felt tight and I was anxious to see her. I didn't think I would ever fall back asleep. I thought maybe it was my mommy intuition kicking in to go check in on her. But I didn't give in to it. I knew I needed my rest to take over the next shift. Besides the fact that Jason is technically more qualified to take care of her than I am (being an ICU nurse for so long...he knows EXACTLY what is going on and what she needs and he is use to working the night shift). So in the end, I had nothing to worry about...Brandon and Jason took EXCELLENT care of Sophie.

Sophie is doing extremely well despite all that she has been through. She doesn't seem to be in any pain. Just a little uncomfortable. Her pain management order is 1.5mg of morphine no more than every two hours. So far, she has received the following dosages...

Sophie received a dose of morphine right before being transferred to the ICU. Then she received 1.5mg at 10:20pm. And 1mg at 2am and 7am. She is resting quite comfortably and she looks so peaceful. She did vomit once more on Jason's shift. They gave her some Zofran to settle her stomach. (Update...she received another 1mg at 10:25am).

Dr. Sood, Dr. Asano and a few other doctors where in to check in on her. They all thought she was doing great.

**Who honey is quite the blogger!!! It gave me a few laughs when I read it this morning. Oh, and the whole fainting thing...he isn't kidding. During one of Sophie's many ER visits, the nurses were more concerned about him than Sophie because his face was bright white. They had him sit down in a chair and brought him some water.


Jackson's Blog said...

I had to check in on lil' Sophie one more time...before I left for the day! Glad she is doing so well! So nice to have Uncle Jason along since he worked in an ICU!! ;-)

baby trevor's mommy said... a couple thoughts...

* dude...your hubby can blog! lol
* I'm SO happy you're chronicaling's SO good for my soul! And any other parents who feel they may soon be living the same thing!
* Ummmm...I think Jason should start his own business. Rent-a-ICU-nurse! I'd hire him! *wink*

I'm SO happy that everything is running smoothly.

I have those panic attacks too! I'm such a freak! But at least I'm not alone in my freak-y-ness!


Love you...praying for you...and all that jazz!


JSmith5780 said...

I was computerless yesterday and thought about Sophie all day. I was so relieved to get in this morning and hear how well she is doing.

Take care of you and baby too!