Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is That Beeping?

It is 2:35 am. Greetings from the night shift. Sorry for the long post but I couldn't stop writing. Sophie is fine but keeping dad on his toes (literally and figuratively).

As Elaine and Jason walked out, I pulled out the laptop and settled in for a relaxing movie as Sophie slept away...however, the various monitors and Sophie's roommate had other ideas. I haven't sat down since they left.

First, Sophie decided to give Dr. Asano plenty to read when he gets here in the morning. She woke up and had about 20 seizures. She was not very happy when she opened her eyes to a strange nurse rather than her favorite person in the World (her mama). However, she had to settle for the dad as she continued to say mamamamamamamamamamamamamamama. It was only 5 minutes after Elaine had left but I knew she wouldn't get any sleep if I called her every time something happened. Sorry Elaine but you and baby need rest.

Second, they gave Sophie some morphine and she fell back asleep. I immediately told them to get her seizure meds (Depakote and Dylantyn) just like Elaine gave me instructions to do. I believe it was one of the 20 instructions...the yellow line means this and should be between this and this, the green line, the blue line, the red line, the purple numbers, the ICP range, don't forget to write down the seizure activity, only let the morphine go in this tube (that one came in handy as the nurse seemed confused), etc. etc. etc.

Third, the yellow line (which I recalled was breaths per minute and should be approximately 20) went down and down and down until it was zero and the machine was beeping repeatedly. She was breathing (don't worry even though I sure did) but the morphine made her breaths shallow. This yellow line continued to crash and go off every 5 minutes while I made sure she was breathing and became obsessive of counting the breaths per minute myself.

Okay, time to relax until the kid that Sophie is sharing a room with had everything beeping. He proceeded to have 3 different IVs put in and come out within the next 2 hours. Since his parents are nowhere to be found, I became the person silencing the beeps on his machine too for the nurse (and assuring him that he would get ice cream soon...that may be the only word he knows). Even though she repeatedly thanked me, I assured her it was in my best interest to shut it up (the machine, not the kid) as well.

Back to Sophie. Fourth, around 11:30, I asked Dianne (her nurse) whether her seizure meds were here yet. She said they would only come if she had 2-3 seizures. Did I imagine those 20 seizures, which she was standing right next to me during? Evidently it wasn't as obvious to her even though I told her and asked her to get her meds...end of the shift I guess.

Around 11:45, Laura took over. Laura seems to be getting everything much more organized around the bed but that woke Sophie up. Sophie had one of the longer clusters I have seen (40 or more). More data for Dr. Asano!!! But once again mamamama was the word of choice (although she did throw in a "door", which is her favorite word when wanting to leave a room...I don't blame her) during the episode as I continued to ask WHERE WAS HER MEDS? At the end of the cluster, Sophie decided to really test my stomach by throwing up a little towards me (green which I was assured is normal).

Elaine can confirm that I don't have the strongest stomach for blood, needles, and puke so this is the fainting trifecta. But I made it through and so did Sophie. She is so brave and strong.

Back to hopelessly trying to 'interpret' the 120 different leads on Sophie's brain. Which one spiked first? No idea...will wait for Dr. Asano to fill us in tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hope the rest of your "shift" was uneventful for you and Sophie. Thanks for keepimg all of Sophie's fans posted. We're here with our fingers crossed and our prayer chains going.


Anonymous said...

Good morning from the home front. Elsa is still sleeping and her favorite word is Mama too! Just distracting her with games, books, babies dolls , play-doh, and food. I am so proud of all of you, sometimes life is never easy but oh the necessary things we have to do. Love to all and butterfly kisses to my Sophie. Love mom

Lisa said...

Still thinking about you guys today..
You stay strong little Sophie! lots of hugs your way!

Lisa & Kali

Anonymous said...

Wow brandon you get to take care of other people kids all over in plane and hospitals. Give Sophie a kiss from her Uncle Jake. Love and thinking about you all.

Anonymous said...

Glad to here all is going well. It has been great being able to get up at any time and be able to find out how things are going with Sophie. I don't know if I konw a stronger family. I had a hard time handling Caseys broken ankle. Just aask Jason. I think I called him every day to ask [IS THIS NORMAL.] Keep doing good little sophie.

Love, Aunt Tammy

Anonymous said...

Love you Sophie!!!!!! We are thinking of you all!!!!
Laura, Matt, Sara, Ryan & Julia

Jonathan said...

Brandon...you're good at this blog thing! I always like getting a daddy's view! *smile* And you totally did the right thing not calling Elaine...not that you need reassurance. Oh...and let me say I HATE that the seizures are so missable by professionals! Trevor had a cluster of at least 20 last in-patient...with nurse & resident...and me counting out loud. And they still didn't see them all! Ugh! But you're right...Sophie's giving the docs lots of info. (((((hugs to you all)))))


Anonymous said...

Good morning Mommy and Daddy! I am up drinking my baba. Aunt Colette is coming over to play so Grandma can go to work for a while. Aunt Diane is bringing over Cousin Zack this afternoon for a play date. I MISS you and I REALLY miss Sophie. When something is messed up Grandma knows who to blame. Love and xxxxxxxxx Elsa

Hurry home Uncle Jay Jay. I need to go jogging in the stroller.

Jackson's Blog said...

Hope everything went a little smoother and Sophie got her meds! When we were in ICU with Jackson, we were the only parents in the room as well over night. I remember the beeping of all the IVs, the tending to, etc. You did a good job!

Also, Jackson had the most seizures I had ever seen with the grids in. I don't know if they make it worse with irritation...and probably the no med factor. They subsided when they started the meds through the IVs.

Hope Sophie is having a good morning!!!

JSmith5780 said...

Hoping today is a smoother day. I'll be thinking of you all.

MJStump said...

Glad to hear that Sophie's surgery went so great! We will be praying that she gets her meds, and that everything else goes as smoothly as the surgery did.

I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you guys to not be able to hold her, but know that God has His hands wrapped around her and is keeping her safe. Praying that you will be filled with a sense of peace and have the strength to keep going, to keep fighting for Sophie. She is just a beautiful girl! Let her sweet smile help you through it all ;)

Amy said...

Hoping you all are hearing some positive news this morning from the docs. Hang in there! Lots of prayers directed your way for Sophie's healing and for the next phase of surgery to be successful!

Amy and family

Lori said...

Sophie- you are so brave! And your mama and papa too! We are thinking about you and hope all is going well. Big hugs-
Lori and Nora

Holli said...

Thanks for the update Brandon. Sounds like you had it covered!

Hope you all got a little rest last night and that Sophie is doing well this morning.

Continuous prayers and thoughts,

blogzilly said...

Wow, what a post. I've never spoken directly with you Brandon, only Elaine, but you handled everything like a REAL pro.

I have some issues with fainting and anxiety and stuff too when it comes to vomit and blood and hospitals, but sometimes when you are in the thick of it you find a strength you never knew you had.

Nice job!