Sunday, June 24, 2007

Quick update...

Sorry I have not posted in so long. Sometimes I just do not know what to say. Sometimes I just feel like I type the same things over and over again.

Sophie's walking is getting better every day. She went swimming the other day and absolutely loved it. It took her awhile to get use to the water but once she did she had a blast.

We went up to 4:1 ratio. No improvement in seizures. She has been having more frequent seizures throughout the day. We will give the 4:1 ratio a few more days and then talk to the doctor about going back down on the ratio.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Climbing steps...

Sophie absolutely loves climbing steps. Last week she learned how to get back down. Out of nowhere, she scooted her butt down and dropped to the next step. I guess I shouldn't say out of nowhere. We had been working on this. It is just that it is always on her terms. When she decides to do things for the first time, she does it when you least expect it. She does it when you are not trying to get her to do it.

More stable???

Like everything else in life, Sophie's walking is all over the place. Some days she will walk from one room to the other. Other days she can't take more than 3 steps without falling over. But she is getting more stable. She is now able to change directions. Last week, she was standing next to Haley and then walked towards the back door. Once she got to the back door, she turned around and walked straight back to Haley. She did this without even stopping or touching anything to gain balance. She did a complete 180. That has to take a lot of balance. She did it so quickly that I looked at Haley and asked if she really just did that. Since then, she has done it several more times.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Video of Sophie walking...

More walking...

Sophie's walking is getting better everyday. She can now take up to 20 steps without falling. She is becoming more and more stable. We have seen some improvements in her seizures. They are not as intense and her clusters are smaller. Hopefully, she will continue to progress in the right direction. We are going to increase her ratio for the diet tomorrow.