Saturday, May 30, 2009

Update from the Uncle JayJay

Elaine has had a full day so I will attempt my first blog. Grandma surprised Elaine with a 24 hour visit from Elsa her 16 month old daughter. She has been in shock, joy, and excitement with both her daughters here.

Sophie is doing great! She transferred out of the ICU and to the floor this afternoon.

Movement: She is moving all four extremities! Her right arm and leg are weak but she is moving them better than the doctor's expected after surgery. Not a surprise knowing Sophie's disposition:)

Talking: Sophie said "wah wah" and "more" when Brandon and I were giving her mouth swabs. It was like hearing a child say their first words. Tears welled up in our eyes with excitement. Since the first few words she has said JayJay, Momma, and Dada.

Eating/Drinking: Sophie is drinking any juice we set her up with. She will be moving to soft food later tonight.

Hockey game: A glorious man donated 4 lower level seats to game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs here in Detroit. I need to wrap this up in time to shower and get to the game, and yes Brandon is going with me.

I know Brandon and Elaine have appreciated all the support from the IS group, teachers, friends, and family.



Anonymous said...

This sounds like a winner of a day all the way around!!!

So happy for all of you.


Leslie Driver-Rowe & Devon Rowe said...

Fantastic -- and enjoy the game, too. --Leslie & the gang in Vancouver, WA

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we couldn't get better news about Sophie at this point. Thank you Uncle JayJay. Unbelievable, a visit from Elsa. That must have triggered tears of joy. And the hockey tickets, well they are more than well deserved. I'm sitting here watching the game like a fool. I don't like hockey, I thought I'd see you two on television. Brandon - are you the one in the cap?

We continue to send all our good wishes and thoughts your way. Way to go Sophie! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks JayJay for the blog update. It is so great to hear Sophie is doing well. Have fun at the game tonight boys! Well deserve break after all you've been through. Enjoy :-)