Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

In a good way.

I took the night shift last night. I was with Sophie in the ICU until about 5:30am. Brandon came up around 4:30am but I had to clip her nails and make sure she was all comfy before I could leave. She has been scratching the heck out of herself (side effect of morphine) and since the hospital doesn't have any fingernail clippers I had to wait until Brandon brought them up to me. She is now on oral tylenol with codeine so hopefully the itchies will go away.

But I was exhausted. Did not have the energy to update last night. Besides, there wasn't much else to say after Brandon's post. She was sleeping away in the ICU. Irritable at times but we kept her on a regular dose of morphine.

I slept in until 10am. As I was cleaning out the bathroom, Brandon walks in with Elsa!!! I was in complete shock. I seriously thought I was hallucinating. I just stood there and stared at them for a minute. Trying to register, in the foggy mess that I was in, that Elsa was here.

Once I snapped out of it, I held her tight in my arms. It felt so wonderful. I missed her so much. She wrapped her tiny arms around me and squeezed hard and put her head on my shoulder. I felt rejuvenated. Good thing because she was FULL of energy...wanting to explore everything around her.

Once we all got ready, we headed up to the hospital to see Sophie. Since Sophie was still in the ICU, Elsa wasn't able to see her just yet. I went back to see Sophie for a bit and then we all headed to lunch with Brandon staying back with Sophie. After lunch, I got to see Sophie for just a little bit. Then Brandon, Elsa and I headed back to the RMH so Brandon could eat lunch and Elsa needed a nap. I wanted to spend as much time with Elsa since she is heading back with Jason early tomorrow morning.

Elsa had other plans though. She wasn't ready for a nap. We played for a bit and she finally grew tired. We cuddled together in bed. It was sweet. She was snuggled in between Brandon and I. Once I knew she was sound asleep, I got some things done (laundry, etc.).

Once Elsa woke up, we all went to the hospital to see Sophie again...including Elsa. It was so sweet. Elsa kept giving Sophie kisses and waving hi. Sophie couldn't take her puffy little eyes off of her. I haven't left Sophie's bedside ever since. She is doing WONDERFULLY...all things considered. She continues to be so incredibly brave. I am so proud of her.

It's a little after midnight. I can officially say that none of us saw Sophie have any seizures on Saturday, May 30th. One day at a time.


Anonymous said...

We hope May 29 is a new and second birthday to celebrate every year. Hopes and dreams are with you.

Anonymous said...

Great News all the way around!!! I'm sure you're glad to have Sophie off the morphine and more awake, but I bet she starts getting a bit crabby with a sticky, itchy head and being stuck in bed and more aware of her surroundings. Hope the next week moves quickly so you're all home in your own beds and Sophie is back in her own friendly space. Let's face it ........ Dorothy was right, "There's no place like home!"

Hugs and Kisses,
Aunt Barb

Liz, Maddie's mama said...

I am so happy for you guys that things are going so well. I am praying that recovery continues to go smoothly, especially as Sophie becomes more awake and aware coming off the pain meds. Thinking of you!

Colby said...

And that is just what you need to do...Think "One day at a time..." And if things keep going like they have been, who knows? Can you even IMAGINE a life without seizures?

As I said before, whatever Sophie's "weaknesses" after this surgery might happen to be, they will seem like a BREEZE after this battle that you have been fighting for so long....

I can only imagine the HUGE dose of Rx that was for you all when you saw your other baby girl come in the door...I am SO THRILLED and SO PROUD of ALL of you!!! I feel like you are my family!!!

Now...PLEASE remember to take care of yourselves as well...Especially you, Miss Elaine!!!

God is SO great!!!



blogzilly said...

Even reading the posts is exhausting, you must be WIPED out and yet also feel some rejuvenation at the same time.

I'm starting to get the pre-trip nerves, feelin' it big time. I'm guessing that now up through the coming week I am going to be freaking out.

Great news about the lack of seizures. I always heard that as the brain heals some more grand mal types can be seen. So glad that Sophie has not had to experience that.

Anonymous said...

Glad to here all is going well. It sounds like yesterday was one you wont forget for a long time. Keep up the good work Sophie. You are one strong little girl.

Love ya lots, Aunt Tammy

baby trevor's mommy said...

Oh I'm all blubbery over the Elsa visit! Leaving Toby & Bri behind is one the my huge NEGO factors...if we qualify for surgery. Made my heart all happy that you got to hold her!
I can't imagine how exhausted you must be. You know...Sophie's not that only one who's brave....right? You & Brandon have amazing strength too.
I hope Sunday becomes your next official day of no seizures!


Jackson's Blog said...

Elaine and Brandon~ I am so happy for you all! SEIZURE FREE FOR 24 hours and counting!!! Isn't it the best?!?! We're praying for a speedy recovery and complete healing. Love that Elsa came to Detroit to see you! Thinking of you still...and hoping everything continues to go smoothly! So exciting!!!!

Jackson's Blog said...

I meant to include Sophie's name in my post...happiest for that sweet girl! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Elsa was really happy to see her mommy & daddy too! So glad all is going well with Sophie. Can't they give her some Benadryl or something for the itching? God Bless all of you!

Jen said...

Hi guys,
Joe and I are so excited to hear your great news!We can't wait to read your post from today.Sounds like the prayers are working. Keep us posted and get some REST! You are going to need it very soon :)
Take care,