Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ketogenic diet update...

I received a call from John Hopkins on Friday. They have reviewed Sophie's medical records and have accepted her into the program. The only problem...the next opening is not until April 16th. I really do not think I can wait two months to start the diet. Sophie is having between 50 to 75 seizures a day. It is so hard to watch her have seizures all day long. Now that she is more mobile, her seizures have become more dangerous to her physically. She will be standing while playing with a toy and then suddenly have a head drop seizure and smashes her face right into the toy. It is so sad.

Here's a picture of her favorite toy.
She loves to push this toy around the room.

The other night, when she was playing with her favorite toy,
she had a seizure and cut the side of her face.
You can also see her busted lip from when she had a seizure
while sitting in her highchair.

Definition of cruising: Holding on to an object while walking sideways. I think Sophie's physical therapist has some competition. Grandma Debbie came over last night and had Sophie cruising from one toy to another. Sophie has a few tall toys in which she stands while playing with them. Grandma Debbie pushed them together and Sophie was cruising around. Sophie is also now able to stand without support for a few seconds. She is getting so strong. It is only a matter of days before she starts walking by herself.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Walking with assistance...

Wow, Sophie is really starting to get around. She will crawl from one room to another to look for me. Before, if I wasn't in the room, she would cry until I came within five feet of her and then she would crawl to me. She will also go from one toy to another (i.e. she will play with her push toy and then get down and play with her activity table). She is also walking very well with her push toy. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fish oils I started giving her a couple of weeks ago...hmmm. She has also started cruising around the furniture. I use the term "started" very loosely as she has only done it a couple of times and only moved a couple of feet, but still she is getting there.
Another specialist...

We met with the Otolaryngologists yesterday. Of course he recommended that Sophie get tubes put in her ear. I am on the fence on whether or not to get tubes for her. When he looked in Sophie's ear, they looked infection, no fluid. So I am thinking that maybe I will wait and see if she gets another ear infection. You can get tubes put in while you have an ear infection. Maybe she is over the hump. On the other hand, even if she is over the hump for this cold and flu season, there is always next year. Do we really want to deal with another ear infection??? Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

15 month checkup...

Sophie had her 15 month checkup with the pediatrician last Wednesday. Bad news...her ear infection has gotten worse. We are on a new antibiotic (5th one in the last two months). Needless to say, we are now going to see an Otolaryngologists (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist). Sophie continues to surprise us with her height. She is 32.75 inches tall which is 97th percentile on the charts. On the other hand, she has dropped down to 70th percentile on weight. She weighs 24 pounds 4 ounces.

Sophie continues to get stronger every day. She is now able to walk across the room while pushing a toy without our assistance!!! She gets so frustrated that she cannot walk on her own. All she wants to do all day long is stand.

By the way, we are still waiting on the Clobazam. Also, we traveled to Chicago on Friday so Sophie could get an adjustment on her band. It is fitting much better now.