Thursday, May 28, 2009

One look at Sophie this morning and I was in tears. Just as the doctors predicted, she is starting to swell. They said today would be the worst. Her left eye is swollen almost completely shut. The gauze around her head just won't stay on. They have reinforced it so many times and it just keeps riding up. The last thing I need to see at the moment is what is underneath all that gauze. I can already see a few stitches peaking through and the actual wires coming out of the back of her head. ACK!!!

Then, as soon as Brandon walked out of the room and I was left alone with her, she woke up. Broke my heart! I tried to hold it all in for her. To be strong at the moment but it was hard. She didn't even try sitting up. Her left eye just barely visible. And she cried and moaned like she was in pain. All I wanted to do was swoop her up in my arms. She looks so weak and it breaks my heart that I can't hold her. After only a few minutes, she settled down and went back to sleep. I called the nurse and requested another dose of morphine (she hadn't had any since 2am).

Jason took the first part of the night shift and from what I have heard...she did great. Brandon took over around 5am. After he posted his updated, she vomited once. They gave her some more Zofran. She has had no desire to drink anything since she has left the ICU. Her mouth looks so dry but she doesn't want me to swab it with water. I've been putting a lot of vaseline on her lips to keep them from drying up too much.

She is sleeping peacefully at the moment. We just need to get through the next 22 hours. Once she is in the hands of Dr. Sood and Dr. Asano, I believe all will be well. They are amazing doctors. I am anxious to meet with them to find out what the consensus will be in what areas of the brain they would like to remove.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Elaine. Your goal is within site. I'm praying Sophie rests and the day moves by as rapidly as possible for all of you.

Hope at quiet times you can feel the hugs that are being sent your way.


JSmith5780 said...

Focus on the outcome and not each moment in between. The swelling is temporary.

Thinking of you!

MJStump said...

Just try and stay strong and remain as positive as you possibly can...much easier said than done, but know this is temporary. You both are amazingly strong parents, and you Will get through this.

I think it is hitting so hard because the swelling took a couple days to show up, but think of Sophie's beautiful eyes and smile and know she is still with you. Let God carry you all right is the time to lean onto Him, and He will show Himself to you.

Anonymous said...

Good luck today! It sounds like a rougher day but after tomorrow's surgery the swelling will go down and she'll be on her way to recovery. She's already in good hands with the 3 of you. She has your love and that will get all of you through it. Thanks for keeping us posted.


Holli said...

Oh, sweetie, you just stay strong! The day will be over before you know it and you'll have the answers you've been waiting for.

((((BIG HUGS))))


Lisa said...

oh, I wish I could hug you Elaine. Your staying so strong! Sophie is a lucky girl to have such wonderful parents!

Lisa & Kali

blogzilly said...

Tough...tough. My heart is with you guys. You'll get there. Stay focused on why you are there and all the good to come. Swelling goes away.

MANY good thoughts today for you all...

Anonymous said...

Stay strong you guys. Find comfort knowing you have a lot of people praying for Sophie. She'll be on the road to recovery soon.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you as you go through the day. You are doing a great job..stay strong for your baby (babies!) It seems like things are going as planned. You are in excellent care.

I can't believe how your amazing details are bringing me back 10 years so easily. Right now my "baby" who had surgery is watching sports highlights on ESPN:) You'll get there......


Anonymous said...

We can't imagine ow draining this is on all of you but stay positive that answers on soon to be found. If there is anything we can do back here to help out please don't hesitate to tell us!

All our prayers,
Heather and Woody

Jackson's Blog said...

I know it's hard...but you are on day 3! The end is in sight. I pray that Sophie rests today...and the swelling will go down. You all are doing an amazing job!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ryan's "turbin" fell off. Yes, the wires coming out of his head was quite shocking. LOL. Of course, I took pictures before they could put him back together:-) It will be over soon. We're still praying for Sophie and your family.

Erin from the IS group

baby trevor's mommy said...


cyber hugs suck! But at least I feel like I'm doing SOMETHING!