Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Up and drinking...

It's about 11am. Sophie woke up about 15 minutes ago and sat up. She was alert and talking. Repeating the words we asked her to. Then she chugged a cup of apple juice. Brandon got here about 45 minutes ago, so he was able to see all of this. It was heartwarming to see her awake and not in pain. Just a little disoriented. She is already sleeping again.

Her face looks incredible. Very minimal swelling. Sophie will be transferred to the 5th floor for monitoring as soon as the room is available. Once she is transferred, Dr. Asano will perform the motor mapping.

Thanks for checking in on us. The first thing Brandon did once he checked in on Sophie this morning was read all the comments from his post. Thank you all for being so incredibly supportive! I will be posting pictures this afternoon once I get my laptop back (I left it at the RMH).

By the way, we are staying here:
Ronald McDonald House
Room #25
3911 Beaubien St.
Detroit, MI 48201

And we are at this hospital:
Children's Hospital of Michigan*
3901 Beaubien
Detroit, Michigan 48201
*Not sure what room we will be in yet.


Anonymous said...

We're so excited that things are going so well!! You go Sophie!!

Love ya,
Aunt Barb

Anonymous said...

God has done wonderful things and we pray that he will heal Sophie and rid her of this disease.
Love papa D

Reagan Leigh said...

Great news! Praying that the next few days go as smoothly!

blogzilly said...

Sound like everything is still going really well. Super glad to hear it. Your hubby is turning into quite the blogger!

Anonymous said...

Such great news...many prayers for Sophie from Missouri :)

Telmo said...

Hi, I'm a "friend" of Ken Lilly, and it was through him I found your blog.

I hope surgery was the right thing to do as it seems like it's being now. Because it's not only good for you, Sophie and your family, but it'll give hope to all who have a child with the condition, and are having problems in believing this can get better.

Hope this surgery is the gift that keep on giving, your daughter back to you.

Lindsey said...

I'm so glad to hear everything is going well after the surgery. I have been thinking about you and your family and will continue to follow the updates. Wishing you all the best today and in the days to come!

Colby said...

I have been following all of the posts....She is an amazing little girl!!! With amazing parents and doctors!!! All of this news seems wonderful, and everything sounds like it is almost BETTER than it is supposed to be! You keep on taking care of YOURSELF and BABY, too...Congratulations on being able to go and get some sleep...I know that must have been so hard to do! But now you know she will be OK while her mama rests!

Stay strong, and keep doing what you have been....And I will do the same (PRAYING!)...

And your hubby IS doing a GREAT job! He is a talented writer, too!

Love y'all,

Cyndi (and, of course, Colby)

Holli said...

I'm still constantly checking in! I know it was probably a long night and day, but I'm so glad to hear Sophie is doing well and you all were able to get some rest. I know she has been in the best of hands.

Congrats to Brandon for stepping in and continuing the updates! We are so thankful that you are sharing this with us.

And, by the way, you sound as if you are holding up beautifully. I know it's answered prayers that have given you so much peace with this. Sophie is so lucky to have such a strong mommy and daddy!