Friday, May 15, 2009

City Museum...

My blog has been...well...a little all too medical lately. We do have some fun in between all the not so fun things going on. Back in March, we took all the girls to the City Museum. It had been quite a few years since we had been there and I was quite surprised with all the new things that had built. Everyone had an absolute blast.

We started off in the Skate Park.
It had a bunch of ramps and such that you could slide down and swing across.
The girls had fun climbing and sliding around.

Taking a snack break. All that climbing wore them out.

Haley went to explore with a friend and the rest of us went to Toddler Town.

We found Haley and headed outside to Monstro City.
Not a place to go if you have a fear of heights.
There are all these wire things suspended from the outside of the building that you can climb around. Sophie and I decided to watch as the rest of them explored.


Krissy said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had!

Cyndi said...

So glad you are able to go and enjoy yourselves as a family! It is so important!!! Loved the pictures!!! Thanks for sharing your special day...

blogzilly said...

That's the important stuff in life. I know, super hard to enjoy when you have this thing hanging over you all like a cloud, but glad to see you out and about.

Anonymous said...

We're glad you and your family had a good time at the Museum. We hope to see you all back again soon.