Thursday, May 28, 2009

What is under that wrap...

Sophie's wrap came completely off tonight. They kept trying to reinforce it but it just wasn't working. Luckily, a different surgical resident was on call from earlier today. She was amazing. She actually took a look at the bleeding that was occuring on the front of her head and analyzed it. She took the wrap off and put a new one on. It looks SOOOO much better. Earlier, Sophie kept itching her head and pulling at the wires coming out...AH YAH YAH!!! Not for those with a weak stomach ( husband). I took a few pictures but as I realize all of you may have the same feeling as my honey, I set up a new blog with the pictures. Though, I didn't actually take pictures of when the wrap was completely off (with the stitches, shaved head and more wires). Jason thinks that I should actually shave Sophie's head completely. I thought maybe I could do some kind of combover and put a bow in it. But after seeing what it actually looks like...maybe not. Jason and Brandon both said they would shave their heads also. What do you think???

Pictures taken when I first saw her this morning.
The bleeding in the front of her head was actually about three times worse than in this picture.
The head wrap was also a lot higher on her head before they rewrapped it.

Her new head wrap.


Anonymous said...

I hope you all get agood nights rest. I will be thnig about you all day tomrrow. Love you all so much.


P.S I would shave my head to but it wouldn't be much of a sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

God Bless her little soul. Those pictures break my heart but it is so good to see her. I will be thinking about you guys all day tomorrow. I know it will be a horrible day for you but you are doing the right thing for Sophie. Stay strong I know Sophie will and thank you for the updates.

Miss Lisa

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. Those pics are heartbreaking. We'll be praying for you guys tomorrow. As far as her hair goes, she is such a beautiful little girl, it makes no difference what's on her head.(and it will be alot easier to grow back out this way) Let the boys shave there heads. Sophie will probably think it's cool.


Anonymous said...


Shave your head and grow a beard. Get a big tattoo with Sophies name on one forearm and mom on the other. Put on your black jeans and your white t-shirt.

Sophis looks great. day at a time and before you realize it, it will be weeks, months, etc.

Kelli and I love you guys. Get well sophie!!

Kelli and Robert

madeleine grace said...

Sweet baby girl... She is so beautiful! Don't shave her head...when all is done and you get home...her hair will grow so fast it will catch up...We thought the same thing about shaving but I'm so so glad we didn't! Oh I know how tough this has been on you all! Seeing those pictures of you guys in the surgical waiting room, seemed like yesterday we were there... stay strong!!

Anonymous said...

Before the clippers come out I think we need wires, sutures and staples out and a date with a good shampoo. Although I'm sure Sophie could carry off the look.

Now then Brandon, Jason and bald heads!!!!!!!!!!! The very thought of it makes me shudder!

Try to sleep tonight, I know tomorrow will be a very long day.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

We went fully shaved, but Ryan is a boy, so the decision was easy. Ryan had all the same lobes removed in the right hemisphere. As an FYI, the vision will affect BOTH eyes. I didn't realize the significance of the field cut until after the surgery. I'll pray that they don't have to touch the motor strip.

Erin from the IS group

Reagan Leigh said...

Lots of prayers being said for Sophie tonight! Hang in there, you're almost there!!

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to all of you along with lots of prayers. Hopefully after tomorrow Sweet Sophie will not know what a seizure is b/c she won't have any more. As far as the hair goes--Sophie is so beautiful it wouldn't matter if she didn't have hair for a little while, and I would tend to think it would be one less thing for her to have to deal with--washing the matted up hair with stitches after surgery. Maybe this is the nurses' view? :=)
God Bless all of you throughout your long day tomorrow.
Love and Prayers,
Jean W

Anonymous said...

Wow, our little Sophie is so strong and so are her parents. She is always so cute when she blows kisses but the ones today must have been the best. Hope you get some rest tonight. We'll all be thinking about and praying for guys tomorrow.


blogzilly said...

I appreciate the photos...and what courage you all have. She's still cute as a button, despite the swelling.

KC's Mama said...

Sophie can rock a shaved head if needed. She is beautiful regardless! What a brave girl. You all are in my prayers.


KK1 said...

Our hearts and prayers and hopes are with you guys! Hang in there! She's a beautiful little girl. Take care of yourself and little one on the inside too!!