Monday, June 29, 2009

A new do...

A few weeks ago, Amanda (Haley's mom) came over to give Sophie a haircut. I just couldn't imagine having to take her to a salon and having to explain everything. I love it. Even if it wasn't for the shaved area. It makes her look older...not my baby girl anymore. Well, she really hasn't been ever since Elsa was born. I was amazed that once Elsa was born, Sophie instantly looked different to me. I wonder what I will think of Elsa once the baby boy is born. I will be induced on July 7th if he doesn't get here sooner. Which I really doubt he will. After all I have been through and he is still not showing any signs of coming anytime soon...I think he is content in there.

Sophie is doing wonderfully (except when it comes to sleeping at night...a whole other post). She is getting stronger everyday. And she laughs SOOOOO much. At everything and anything. I LOVE it. She has never laughed like that before. She is just having so much fun.

We all had a wonderful and productive weekend. We got to spend time with Brandon's relatives from Kansas which is always so much fun. Especially with Sophie being so much more interactive with people. We all went swimming and I was brave enough to let Sophie go down one of the kiddie slides (this is the second time we have been swimming since the surgery...the first time I was way too nervous to let her go down the tiniest slide...too scared she would hit her head somehow). My parents took the girls on Saturday so we could get all the rooms rearranged and ready for the new baby. A much bigger task than I thought it would be since all the kids ended up in a different bedroom. All that is left to do is paint. But it felt so good to clean out the closets and rearrange everything. Bye bye clutter and hello Goodwill. Grandma Debbie came over today and I got to catch up on some much needed sleep...which I should be doing at the moment.


Jennifer Mezines said...

She looks darling.....and I love the "part" right down the middle! I can't believe how her eyes sparkle! YEAH!

blogzilly said...

Letting go enough to let her do 'kid things' has got to be HUGELY tough. Good for you for letting her try to do it.

Hair looks good, and I actually think it makes her look younger.

It's almost baby. DAMN that's exciting. Wish I had the courage to have another, I don't. I think I am actually gonna get neutered soon.

JSmith5780 said...

LOVE the new do!

Colby said...

LOVE the precious haircut!

It is getting closer and closer to your next "main event"...Sounds like you are as prepared as you could be! I am so thankful that it worked out that Sophie could have her surgery BEFORE Baby comes....Can we only IMAGINE the difference it will make?

Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

She looks absolutely adorable!

Kim Arns said...

I love her hair cut!!

Holli said...

Great new cut!! She looks fantastic!

Good luck getting the baby's room finished. I remember remodeling our house right before I had Austin. Man, that wasn't easy...I was so HUGE!

Only a week to go!! So exciting!!

Adesta said...

Oh I love the new hair-do!! Sophie looks so sophisticated!!

I'm amazed that you can barely tell where the scar is too!!

baby trevor's mommy said...

She's just yum-a-licious no matter what her do is!


Anonymous said...

She looks absolutely wonderful.


MJStump said...

Sophie looks absolutely beautiful! I'm sure you guys already know that :) That is so sweet that Amanda came to do her hair for you guys..such a treat and hassle free!

Wow, she is defeating the odds for sure...brain surgery just a few weeks ago, and already swimming, and going down the slides! I love hearing how great she is doing and conquering so many milestones. Your Sweet Sophie is definitely here..smiles, laughs, and all!

I know you must be enjoying all of the extra hands to help out before your little guy arrives. Having all the love and support is one thing you can never have too much of :)

Thinking of you all and praying for you guys.

Blessings :)

cls6179 said...

Wow you might hit Erica's birthday for the new baby.