Wednesday, June 17, 2009

These moments...

(Note: I wrote this on Saturday evening but never got around to posting it until today so "today" and "tonight" is referring to Saturday.)

Are the ones I think I will remember forever. Sometimes I feel like these moments are not real. That this is not my life. Because I can't believe this day is here. Life feels so normal. No...much better than normal. I am on a high. Brandon looked at me tonight with happiness radiating from him and said I love our new life. Haley is with us today. Our lives feel so complete. I never want this feeling to end. Pure joy.

Our bedtime routine for our youngest girls has always been the same. But tonight it felt so different. It felt extra special...seeing Sophie's eyes light up like I have never seen them before. A smile on her face that was so pure. Part of our routine is letting Sophie and Elsa dance around naked after bath time (but only for a short bit to avoid the peepee messes and then we gradually get them in their diapers and PJs).

Brandon pulls them out of the tub and wraps a towel around them and hands them off to me. Where I snuggle with them in bed. Then he turns on the music...loud. Big smiles appear on their faces and you can see the excitement.

Tonight, Brandon swooped Sophie off the bed. Her eyes sparkled as he twirled her around. I felt like it was happening in slow motion as I watched them dance and bounce around.

I am amazed that JUST 2 weeks ago, Sophie was 1 day post-op from major brain surgery. That today is 2 weeks of seizure freedom. That today she is up and walking around. That today she is saying more words than she was before surgery. That 2 weeks ago marks a new beginning for Sophie...a new world has opened up to her. A world that is much clearer.


Anonymous said...

And for that sharing of something so personal and touching, lovely, real words here. Just tears. So happy, no, no words, visions and emotions. Thank you for sharing with us. CB

Anonymous said...

What fun to read such happy posts!!
Can't wait to see all of you next week.


Liz said...

I just love reading your posts. It gives me hope that someday (preferably soon) I will be able to write something similar. Thanks for sharing your intimate family moments. It sounds like such a fun bedtime routine.

Anonymous said...

Tears come to my eyes as I read your blog, tears of joy. I am so thoroughly happy for you and your family- may the joy continue....

JSmith5780 said...

What a perfect moment, one you'll surely treasure forever! Thank you for sharing!

blogzilly said...

Reading your posts is such a surreal experience for me. I get teary-eyed, but I can almost see the moments you describe, I see them in my head, like a movie or something, and it even has a soundtrack.

I cry out of joy for you and your journey's new direction. For joy at how happy you all are now, and how relieved, and how positive you feel with your family.

Please don't apologize for your comments in my blog, or anything else, because of where I am compared to where you are. I realize I do not 'know you', though it's funny because it feels like I do. And you are the type of person who would definitely experience a type of 'survivor's guilt'.

Please, if you can, don't feel it. Your IS family LOVES you and Brandon and Elsa and Sophie (and Thaddeus when he gets here) in ways that I am only beginning to truly understand, and while I cannot speak for anyone else I'll bet many of them feel as I do, a sense of warmth, a sense of hope, when we read ANY of your posts about how things are going right now for all of you.

When are you actually due? I can't remember. Can't wait to see your newest family member, take lots of photos for your online pals!

Kim Arns said...

Wow is all I can say...

Heather said...

Feel these moments.These are real and this new life, this new beginning is all real.We rejoice alongside you.We feel your elation and we too marvel in the miracles of the past two weeks.The walk of despair and uncertainty you did not walk alone nor do you walk this new road alone.We walk it with you and we smile as you describe your new normal.A beautiful and hopeful new normal.This IS community is an intimate bunch.We continue to watch all that we have come to love, move in all different directions.We have sadly welcomed new people into a "club" we wish no one would have to be part of.We remain hopeful that ALL will find their child's miracle and today we all are filled with gratitude that Sweet Sophie is her way.Love from California.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Oh Elaine...keep sharing this! It's soul food!


Holli said...

I can only imagine how this new life must feel.

Like Ken said, we don't really know you and your family, but we feel like we do. We prayed for Sophie to get her miracle. We all anxiously read throughout the days when she was having surgery and healing from surgery. We all rejoiced in the posts after reading that Sophie was seizure free. And we are all experiencing pure joy that she is doing so beautifully. It's amazing that we have all grown so emotionally attached to your family throughout this process. We are truly celebrating your family's new life!

And for us that are still looking for our miracle. You have given us so much to hope for and look forward to. There's a new spark of faith here. Just a couple months ago you had nearly given up on the prospect of surgery for Sophie. Now, look! Sophie's new beginning has given me so much hope! Thanks for sharing so much of this with us. And thanks for taking the time to encourage me during all of this.

Adesta said...

Reading your post, I could picture Sophie and Daddy dancing around. I must say, it's a beautiful picture to imagine and I'm positive it's a better one to view in person.

I am so happy for you all. You've all been given a new lease on life and you are using that to the fullest.


Anonymous said...

So happy for your new life....what special memories.

With aloha~

Anonymous said...

awesome! see you soon! GO SOPHIE!!!!
L, M, S, R, & J
p.s. Hi Hailey!! Hope we get to see you too!!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading these posts. I feel the happiness, love, and pure joy that just radiates through this blog page. I can't wait to be home soon and experience all that is going on!!! Send the girls and soon to be baby BOY my love.


MJStump said...

That is definitely something that brings tears to the eyes! This is a moment you have been longing for for quite some time now. I am so happy for you guys, for your family, for Sweet Sophie!

You guys are absolutely amazing, and will have many more moments like this. Your "new life" is just beginning, and you will have many more dances and smiles along the way.

God Bless!

Kelli TenHaken said...

Our daughter Ruby also has IS and we have been following your blog. We are so excited to hear Sophie is doing so well! Praise God!
Ruby has also been seizure free for 7 weeks on ACTH-- we are celebrating over here too!

Jackson's Blog said...

I love reading about Sophie and all the new updates! So happy everything is going amazingly well! 2 weeks seizure free and look at all the incredible glad she has that "new light!"

Colby said...

Elaine and Brandon....THIS is what life is supposed to be about!!! I just got CHILLS reading about your wonderfully "normal" evening!!!!
Please, PLEASE keep on telling us more and more....We want to hear more about the amazing "Miss Sophie" and her VERY grateful family!!!

Much love and encouragement,