Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Progress

It is 3am and Sophie just woke up, looked up at the TV and said "bear" as clear as I ever have heard. And it was actually a bear. Kind of boring (tired) but I thought I would list the things Sophie accomplished yesterday:

-- Said "juice".
-- Took a playing card with a frog on it switching from hand to hand bouncing it accross her stomach. Her and Elsa both love things that "hop". Usually she says "hop hop hop" but the motion was great progress. Especially that she used both hands.
-- Turned pages on her touch and feel books smiling several times and laughing when touching some of her more favorite pages.
-- Pointed to my eye when asked to point to daddy's eye.
-- Played obsessively with her baby doll's eye lashes. This has always been one of her favorite things.
-- Fed her puppet (in her left hand) by picking up play food with her right and putting the food in its mouth.
-- Is really pulling her head up more and more every time she wakes up.
-- Drank a lot of juice, ate some jellow and sherbert...and kept it down.
-- Elaine washed most of her remaining hair and put in cute braids.

Update as of 8am:

Sophie had a tough night (threw up once, blood draws, pain, etc.) but this morning has been, as a little girl in our neighborhood always says, TOTALLY AWESOME! She has been clapping her hands and smiling. Said bear again. Danced her bear all over when asking her to. Turning her head. Trying to sit up. Pointed to the bear's nose and eyes when asked. Of course, she wouldn't do any of this for the doctor and 2 seconds after the doctor walked out, she started clapping.



Anonymous said...

Another day closer to home! Every day she'll be more alert, more strong, MORE SOPHIE. What a trooper she is.
Thinking of all of you constantly.


blogzilly said...

She probably clapped when the doctor left cause she is sick of all the sticking and poking the docs do when she sees them! :)

Glad to see there is progress and momentum. Love it!

baby trevor's mommy said...

I'm SOOOOO happy! And hoping & praying that there is NO throwing up today! I'm all about the little things...*smile*


Anonymous said...

Oh Elaine, your last post brought back so memories and sadness from when I worked in Peds occassionally, when those little toddlers seemed to wake up & cry just when their moms went down to get something to eat--I could not leave them crying either!
And also when I sent some of those newborn little babies home with some very young mothers with so many problems--It just broke my heart! I count my blessings every day that at least I was always on the helping end of it and had healthy, happy children to go home to. Brandon's post was encouraging though, sounds like little Sophie is progressing well. Just keep on taking one day at a time. She has had most major surgery and her body is taking all her energy to heal her brain--rest is helping her heal. I've kept lots of praying friends updated and we are still praying for her and all of you. Sophie is so lucky to have you 'totally awesome' parents!

Anonymous said...

Well now, perhaps if you could get those professonals to don false eyelashes...

News of positive progress is like sending out big smiles to all. Thank you for the updates. Bears and juice can be great things. And eyelashes, of course. <:-D

MJStump said...

She is coming back to you more and more every day! That is so very awesome..praise God!! Those are the very things you need to be grateful for every day...the things you need to look back to on the days that are tough. That's what will help you get through all of this. Enjoy these days ;)