Friday, June 05, 2009


Another night of vomiting means another day in the hospital. Sophie vomited again...ugh!!! It just doesn't make sense. It is only once a day and it is right after dinner. At least this time it was not as much as the last 3 nights. Then again, we barely fed her today. Breaks my heart. She barely has any energy. She is still on IV liquids so she is getting what she needs but she wants to eat so bad.

Even though she is vomiting, we still started her on a liquid suspension of Depakote (Valporic Acid) that is given orally. She is getting 150mg 3x/day. The liquid suspension is absorbed much quicker than the Depakote sprinkle capsules. Plus we mix it with a bit of Sprite and she doesn't mind the taste. She gets it as soon as she wakes up in the morning, later in the afternoon and right before she goes to bed. So this dosing schedule does not interfere with her vomiting routine.

I am not sure what or when they will start the liquid suspension of Dilantin.

Brandon is taking the night shift (NaNaw took it last night) and I am off to bed.


Lori said...

I am thinking of you all and checking up on Sophie throughout the day. I am sure you are all exhausted and ready to go home. I hope Ms. Pukey pants starts to feel better soon so you can go HOME. Sophie looks so good. Nora and I are hoping for a swift and speedy recovery.


blogzilly said...

Sorry you guys have to stay another day. Sucks. I will be thrilled to get the news that you guys are home.

Adesta said...

Sorry, I spoke too soon!!! Sorry to hear Sophie threw up again. Poor girl. I always hated throwing up so I imagine it's much worse after going through all that she has in her short life. Praying that the throwing up ends SOON!!! (like yesterday!)

Anonymous said...


Hello! It's Brandi I was wondering if soph got a card from her teachers and classmates? Please if you dont mind and if you have time give me a call tomorrow! I would like to get an update and possibly talk to soph! I hope everything is going well for you and mr. coleman. Soph sounds like she is doing great! My number is 636-375-2069. Thank you!