Friday, June 05, 2009

Just that much better...

Painting with her RIGHT hand in the playroom. We do everything possible to get Sophie out of her hospital room as much as we can. Her favorite word right now is door. She loves her stroller and never wants to get out of it. She gets upset when we do take her out of it to get her to walk more.

Snuggling with Daddy while watching a movie. I was jealous. The bed is way too high and little for me to climb in...soon Sweet Sophie...soon Mommy will be able to snuggle with you in bed.

Riding a bike during physical therapy. Sophie cried and cried and cried during PT. Brandon thought maybe she was in pain but she wasn't fooling me. She did that same thing with her PT evaluation a few weeks ago. But we were both scared that she was going to vomit when she started coughing. So far so vomiting and the gastroenterologist came by to check her out. They are going to put her on IV form of Zantac. We have given her very small bland meals with a few small snacks in between. Cross our fingers!!!

Despite all the fake crying, she did really well during PT. She is getting stronger and stronger everyday. She did even better with taking steps today. I think within a week or two she will be walking better than she did before surgery.

We also went for a walk outside today and had a late lunch in the courtyard. The fresh air feels good. We got Sophie out of her stroller and had her walk up to some flowers and bend her knees to touch them. She wasn't too happy about that.

It's about 5:30pm and she is sleeping peacefully. It has been a long day for her today. She woke up at 4am and by the time she fell back asleep at 7am, there was some VERY LOUD construction right underneath us that woke her up. She only took an hour nap this afternoon.




Adesta said...

YEA for no seizures!!! I love the pictures of Sophie on the bike! You can tell it was a fake cry! lol...something in kids' faces just give it away. Good to hear that she hasn't thrown up either! That's great news and it shows that she's getting better and stronger!

Way to go Sophie!!! {hugs}

Melanie said...

so glad to hear its going well and no seizures!!

MJStump said...

She looks amazing! She is progressing and get stronger so quickly...just astounding!! Great job Sophie ;)

One week with no seizures and all of these amazing steps in her development are just awesome! Just celebrate every day and enjoy all the many blessings God has given you!

You guys are doing a great job and call on Him to give you strength when you get weary...right now I believe that He is giving you the strength you need through Sophie and how far she has come. He is pretty outstanding!

Anonymous said...

She looks so amazing. It's hard to believe she had surgery a week ago.


Anonymous said...

How fabulous that she is moving so much and doing so well in PT...and the best part...NO seizures!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so privileged each day to have you welcome us into your journey with you beautiful daughter Sophie. I miss her little nose scrunch each day and can't wait to have her back in class this summer. Yet I cannot believe what I am seeing, so much progress in such a short time.

Hang in there Mom. You are all doing so great and we are praying hard for your quick return.

I loved the photo of Sophie working so hard on one of her favorite things, her painting.

Bless her heart. Sharon