Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back to school...

Yesterday, Sophie had her first day back at preschool through our local school district. We decided for her to go back on Wednesday because that is the day she gets speech, occupational and physical therapy. I wanted her therapists to be able to evaluate her and get their thoughts along with her teacher's thoughts on going back to school.

She had an amazing day. I was surprised by her endurance. We were only going to stay for half a day but we ended up staying the entire 3 hours.

She remembered her routine and was even showing me around the classroom. There was a moment when we got back from speech therapy that her classroom was empty. Her classroom is set up where they have different activities in different areas of the room. She walked up to one table in particular and said "draw". Sure enough, it was the table they draw at because there was all kinds of art supplies right next to it.

She got excited for snack time and had no problems walking down the long hallway to wash her hands in the bathroom...the same hallway she was too tired to walk down after physical therapy.

Her occupational therapist worked with her in the classroom during snack time. The way that girl eats would think I was starving her. She is so motivated by food and perks up every time I say the word "eat". Trust me...I feed her plenty and even switched her to whole milk to get some meat back on her bones. She lost 3 pounds in the hospital which may not sound like a lot but that is 10% of her body weight.

So by the end of the day, we decided that she will go back to school full-time (4 days a week for 3 hours a day) next week and will have a one-on-one aide that is a nurse.

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