Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sooo Big!!!
Sophie is up to 21 pounds 14 ounces. She gained almost a pound in the last week. Her belly is getting so big that she almost has an outie. All the adorable summer outfits I bought her no longer fit. She is wearing size 18 month clothes.

She started off having a wonderful day but then she woke up at 11pm and had over 60 seizures. On the other hand, she only had 2 clusters today.

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great aunt barb said...

How disappointed you must have felt at 11 to see her have all those seizures...but as you said, only two clusters yesterday. How far she's come!!

Sophie's so lucky to have such strong, positive parents! Children sense so much more than we think they do. When she sees your smiles she knows she's safe and things are fine! And from looking at her pictures she is certainly a happy camper!!

Hope all the love and prayers constantly sent your way help keep all your spirits up.

Tell Sophie she can play shopping & dress up soon. Sara is sending her a lot of clothes to look through (18 mos). That way when she's weaned off her ACTH and you see what size she really is, you girls can go out and have a wild day of shopping. Hope Daddy is saving up for that one!!

Aunt Barb & Uncle Neil