Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fun Monday? Not compared to Tuesday!!!
Sophie had such a fun day on Tuesday. It all started with Daddy getting up with her at 6am and taking her for a walk and playing with her. Then she took her morning nap at 8:15am. By the time she woke back up at 10:15am, Miss Denise (her parent educator) was ready to play with her.

We all LOVE Miss Denise. She has been so incredibly resourceful. Luckily, big sis Haley and cousin Miranda were over. Miss Denise was showing Haley and Miranda some of the homemade toys she brings with her and before you know it, Haley and Miranda were making Sophie some of her own homemade toys. It was so sweet. Haley even downed a bottle of guava juice so she could use the bottle to make a toy!!!

Sophie was sitting up so well and even rolled over a few times. At one point, we even thought maybe she would roll from her belly to her back (she has never done that before). She was close to doing it but not quite. I have been working with Sophie to reach into a bowl or a container since Miss Denise's last visit. No matter how hard I tried, she just wouldn't do it. Not only would she not do it, she wouldn't even look into the bowl. Then Daddy pops out of his office, sits down on the ground, puts a couple balls in the bowl and puts it in front of Sophie. Sophie reaches down and picks up a ball out of the bowl like it was no big deal. I know this may seem so minor, but, to us, it is a HUGE deal. I was so proud of my little (yet big) Sophie. Finally (and unfortunately), it was time for Miss Denise to go.

Haley and Miranda took turns feeding Sophie her lunch. Haley is so great at picking out Sophie's favorite foods (who knew Sophie would love creamed spinach so much). Later that afternoon, Haley and Miranda read books to Sophie and played with her. Sophie had so much fun.

I even had a wonderful day even though Sophie still had several clusters of seizures. I haven't felt this at peace since the day Sophie was diagnosed with infantile spasms. It just felt like a normal day hanging out with my girls.


Erin said...

What a blessing it is for Sophie to have Haley and Miranda in her life! She will learn a lot from her big sis as I'm sure Haley will give only great advice as they grow up together. I'm SO glad you had a wonderful day and it sounds like Sophie did too!

miranda said...

I had soooo much fun with Sophie and Haley! We made her fun bottles that help babies want to roll over to recieve the bottle. Haley and I had a blast reading stories to Sophie (she likes the touch and feel books the most!) When Haley and I fed her she would open her mouth as big as the size of the bowl! Then she would wipe her mouth on her bib because most likely there would be more food around her mouth than there would be in her mouth. We had such a fun day and I was glad I could be a part of it!

mike said...

HI Sophie, love you, Uncle Mike and Aunt Morgie.