Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bang, Bang
Sophie started banging her blocks against the container to make loud noises. Usually she would just try to eat them. She also started to purposely drop her toys from her highchair. It is so great to see that she is starting to understand cause and effect.

Aunt Erin came over today and brought lots of new toys for Sophie to play with. With as much time as we spend at home now, I don't know if Sophie or I was more excited to play with these new toys. She was also sitting up better today. It seems each day, she sits up a little better. It is almost like she forgot how to sit up and she is learning all over again.

We took Sophie to see her neurologist this morning (just an appointment - no EEG, no blood test). Since her number of clusters have stayed down and her seizures are mild, he still wants to keep her on ACTH for the next 2 weeks and then start the wean. If she is still having seizures at that point, then we will start an oral antiepileptic drug (probably Topamax). He had the results from 3 out of the 4 additional blood tests from the last appointment. They all came back negative. He also thought that Sophie was waking up in the middle of the night because she is hungry (she woke up again at 3:45am). Between nursing and baby food, she eats 9 times a day!!!


great aunt barb said...

Keep making that beautiful block banging music, Sophie!! We love you!

Sandie said...

I'm a friend of your Aunt Barb. These pictures were sure sweet and the news was good to hear. Keeping you in my prayers. Sandie

Anonymous said...

Marsha Borgmeyer the picture are so cute and sounds like Spohie is having fun times. We are keeping you in our prayers.