Sunday, June 11, 2006

8 months old today
Sophie turned 8 months old today. Wow - I can't believe it has already been 8 months. I was looking at pictures of a newborn baby and it's almost hard for me to remember Sophie that little. Probably since she didn't stay that little for long. She grew so fast - always at least 90% on weight and height. I just love to kiss those chubby little cheeks.

Sophie didn't have that good of a day today. She had 3 clusters of seizures. It started out as such a promising day. She didn't wake up until 7am (she had been waking up at 5:30am the last couple of days). She didn't have any seizures in the morning. We thought "was today the day - no more seizures". Unfortunately, she had a cluster at 12:30pm, 3:45pm and 7:30pm. In the late afternoon, she was fussy and didn't want to sit up. Her appetite today was voracious - she ate more today than ever before. I wonder how much chubbier those cheeks can get before they pop ;)

At least all of her seizures have still been relatively mild. We can even get her to smile while she is having them. She has always been such a happy, laid-back baby. I remember when she was in the hospital the first night. It was around 11pm and the nurses were trying to start an iv. They had to stick her 3 times before they were able to get it in - it took about 45 minutes. Well, she fell asleep between each time they stuck her. She is such a great baby!!! Oh, how she just fills my heart with so much love!!! I am so proud of her!!!


laura said...

Hey guys! I've been keeping up-to-date via my mom. I'm glad I finally have a moment to read your blog. Elaine, do not be dicouraged today!!! Babies Sophie's age develop at such a staggered pace. Of course the seizures are of concern but you HAVE seen improvement!!! That is not for nothing!!! For example -Kids sleeping patterns seem to change throughout the first couple of years - you think you can at least sleep in until 7am when suddenly they are waking up at 5:45!!! It happens to all of us!!! My Sara was almost always >90% in height & weight. People always thought she was older than her age. Now she is just a solid little girl. Sara NEVER crawled!! She did walk around 10 months. One of her little friends NEVER crawled. And she did not walk (very unsteadily) until 15 months!!! See the realm of normal!?! The way you describe miss Sophie, smiling whenever possible, makes me smile!! My Sara, almost 4 years old , is sooo serious, she might not have smiled as much as Sophie in 8 months!!! I am thinking of you all often!! I would love to chat more and I will check your blog whenever I get a chance. Elaine, you are strong & special and loved by little Sophie soooo much!!! I love this quote "To the world you are only one person, BUT, to one person, you are the world!!!" And to me, that makes it all worth while!!!!! Give miss Sophie a great big squeeze and tell Brandon his cousin Laura loves you all like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great aunt barb said...

Sorry the afternoon was a bummer but today is a new day. Hearing about Sophie's progress, I know this will all be resolved....I just wish we could wave a wand and fix it all yesterday. No wand here but lots of love and prayers.

Happy 8 month birthday, Sophie!! Can't wait to kiss those chubby cheeks myself! Keep smiling, little one.
Aunt Barb

Anonymous said...

Elain and Brandon,

I have long wanted to check with you guys about Sophie's progresses, but hesitated to ask for fear that insteading of bringing comforts my inquries would be a burden on you to go over this difficult subject again. But I want you to know that you guys are never far from my mind. I just checked Sophie's photos and read all the logs from Elain. It's absolutely encouraging to see Sophie has developed so well; she is all a big girl now. Sophie, happy 8-month birthday! Get well soon and I am looking forward to meeting you in person! Elain and Brandon, Sophie is very lucky to have parents like you. If you guys need help on anything, please remember that I am here.
Take care and God Bless,
Vivian Liu

Eileen said...

Dear Sophie,

Happy 8 months birthday! You are so little, pretty and most important, you are so strong. I am so proud of you and very happy to know that you can sit up for 20 minutes at a time: you are a big girl now! Getting better soon so that I can play with you when I see you in the near furute.

All best wishes and God bless.

Love - Eileen