Saturday, June 10, 2006

More good news
Sophie only had 2 clusters on both Friday and Saturday (that is 3 days in a row now). We talked with her neurologist on Friday and he said she will stay on the ACTH at least until June 27th before we start to wean her off the drug. The weaning process will then take about 2 weeks.

She also is sitting up completely unsupported. She no longer falls over. If she gets tired of sitting up (which is usually after at least 20 minutes), she starts fussing to let us know she is ready for something else. She is also getting better with picking up small objects. We've been putting these little fruit puffs on her tray and she would swipe them with her right hand. Well, the few she would pick up would never make it to her mouth before her thumb. That thumb!!! But the other day, she started using her left hand to pick up the fruit puffs. She actually used her thumb and index finger (instead of just swiping at them) to pick up a fruit puff and it made it in her mouth. Oh, the little things a baby does that can make us so excited.

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great aunt barb said...

Wow!! Moving on from grabbing with a fist, to thumb and index finger!!! She's starting to develop her fine motor skills!! Give your "Little Miracle" a kiss for us.We're so excited for all of you.
See you all soon.
Aunt Barb & Uncle Neil