Thursday, June 22, 2006

Orthodic Appt...
Sophie had her orthodic appointment this morning. For those who do not know, Sophie wears a cranial molding helmet for her misshaped head (technical term is plagiocephaly). When Sophie was a newborn, she had torticollis. Torticollis is when the muscles on one side of your neck is tight and does not allow you to turn your head 180 degrees (from left to right). In Sophie's case, her muscles on her right side of her neck were tight so she was always looking right. This caused a flat spot on the right side of her head. She wears the helmet about 22 hours a day and has been wearing the helmet since the beginning of April. She still prefers to look right (most likely because she only sucks her right thumb) but has no problems looking left. We did exercises with her to lengthen and stretch her tight neck muscles.

At Sophie's initial orthodic appointment, her asymmetry was measured at 17mm. At today's appointment, her asymmetry measured at 10mm. It is getting better, slowly but surely.


Melissa Ralston said...

Elaine and Brandon -

For over 5 years our family lived right across the street from your Aunt Barb. While I am not sure if we have actually met (I think I met your brother). My husband and I spent time with your mom and dad whenever they would come to visit Barb and have grown to love your big crazy family.

As you may have noticed by an earlier post - my cousin Michelle has a 2 1/2 year old daughter that had seizures. I hope it is okay I shared your site. I knew she could empathize and give you all some words of encouragement!

Please know that our family is also praying for you all and wish you the absolute best as you conquer this challenge!

Melissa Ralston

Sherif & Sarah said...


We never met, but I am Sherif (I work with Brandon)and I am Sarah (Sherif's wife). We just lately learned of what's going on. We can imagine how tough this is on all of you guys, but be sure and have faith that Sophie will be just fine. She is the cutest girl on earth, she has the most sweet, adorable smile ever. And by the way...we also loved how she was crossing her legs when Brandon was feeding her, God bless her.

We read the whole sequence, and we are so glad to feel that Sophie is getting better.

You guys are wonderful parents, Sophie is lucky to have you....and you are lucky to have her. She will be in our prayers.

Sherif & Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hey Sophie,
I hope you are doing good with your new medicine. Keep tring to rolling from your belly to your back. I can't wait to see you get all they way over. Love you.