Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Emotional roller coaster...

A day with Sophie is so emotionally exhausting. One minute, I am so proud of her. The next minute, I am in tears because she just had a seizure. Yesterday morning, she had a heartbreaking seizure. She was in the sunroom playing so well. Then her arms stiffen straight out from her side and she hits her head on the floor. The thing that was so heartbreaking about this seizure was that she was stuck in this position. It lasted about 3 seconds. It is amazing how long 3 seconds can feel at times like these. I immediately picked her up off the floor and held her but to see her stuck in that position with her head face down on the ground... I am use to the seizures that are quick. Well, as long as they are not too strong to where she slams her head into something. But the one that she holds from anywhere from 3 to 10 seconds are hard to watch. They are especially hard on Sophie. She is confused after she has a longer seizure. When she has a quick drop seizure, she can continue playing as if nothing has happened. Actually, these new seizures last longer than 3 to 10 seconds. To the eye, it seems like only a matter of seconds, but it shows up on the EEG as long as 30 seconds. We have increased the Depakote to 500mg a day (125mg in AM, 125mg at noon, 250mg in PM). She has to get blood drawn on Friday to check her Depakote level. Hopefully, it won't be too exhausting for her because she has preschool after that. She loves preschool!!! LOVES, LOVES, LOVES preschool. I am so thankful for preschool.

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