Thursday, November 01, 2007

What a week...

With seizure improvement, comes more development and personality. And what a personality Sophie has!!! Talk about coming into your terrible twos except it really isn't terrible. It is amazing to watch her communicate her wants. I have so many examples from this past week...
  • Like when I opened the door to the garage to throw out some recycling. She was, of course, right on my heels because she cannot stand to be more than an inch away from me. I threw the recycling in the bin which doesn't even require me to step into the garage. I try to take a step back to shut the door but Sophie stood her ground. So I turn around to pick her up and she collapses to the floor before I even get my hands under her arms. This is so unlike Sophie because when DOESN'T she like to be picked up!!! So as she collapses, she lets out a scream. She wins. I hold her hand as she climbs down the 2 steps into the garage and she starts wandering about the garage checking everything out. She can't "tell" me in words that she wants to play in the garage but her body language sure speaks loudly.
  • Or like when she throws her food on the ground during mealtime. I will have to get the camcorder out for this one. Anything she does not want to eat ends up on the floor but there is nothing casual about it. She picks up a piece of food she doesn't want, throws it on the ground and then cracks up laughing. Not just a little laugh. But a throw your head back belly laugh. Of course, she is absolutely adorable when she does this so I just try not to let her see me laughing along with her. Though, I think soon enough, I will no longer be laughing with her.
  • Oh, this one is sweet... During a meal, Sophie will first eat her most favorite item and then move along to the next or she will start throwing whatever is left. If I give her more of her favorite item, she will turn to me, touch my arm and smile at me as to say "thank you mommy that is exactly what I wanted". It is so incredibly sweet.
  • Grandma Debbie has been working with Sophie in identifying body parts especially the eyes. Well, the other day, Sophie pointed to the eyes four times. Of course, this brought tears to Grandma Debbie's eyes. I wasn't around to witness and Sophie refused to show me. Actually, Sophie usually refuses to share her new discovery with more than one person at a time. Well, later that night when it was just Sophie and I, I asked her where my eyes were and she pointed to them. Way to go Sophie. Thank you Grandma Debbie for your persistence in teaching her something new. And persistence you must be because Sophie makes you work hard if she is going to show you something new.
Well, the list could go on. I really need to start posting more often because Sophie is just on the go. She is still doing really well with her seizures, though, she had a few more today than the last few days but she did eat some Halloween candy last night.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! How great it is to read of all of Sophie's antics! Everything you are describing is typical child behavior! Don't you love hearing that!
I'm certainly looking forward to my next visit after Thanksgiving. May she continue to experience fewer seizures and thrill you with her progress.
Miss Denise
Parent Educator -Rockwood Parents As Teachers

Great Aunt Barb said...

It's so much fun to read this parade of progress!! I can just imagine the smile on your faces. How many parents celebrate their childs first temper tantrum?! Way to go, Sophie!!

Aunt Barb