Monday, December 10, 2007

Pure chaos...

The last 2 weeks have been absolutely crazy!!! Sophie ended up in the ER, yet again!!! Going back 11 days ago (Thursday, Nov 29th), Sophie started acting strangely. On that Thursday, she did not eat much lunch and she refused to eat any dinner. She was acting very disoriented. She kept pointing at nothing and kept crying. I have never seen her act this way before. I cannot even explain in words how odd her behavior was that night. We had just increased her Depakote and I was worried that she was having some serious side effects from the Depakote. One being acute liver failure which the symptoms are described as mental confusion and vomiting. Then the following morning at 6:15am, she vomited bile. I talked with her neuro and pediatrician and they advised us to take her to the ER to run some test. She had her blood drawn to check her levels and everything came back fine. We were told that she probably just had a stomach virus. The neuro had us decrease the Depakote back down to 125mg 3x/day. Of course, with there being so much in the mix, it is always a guessing game to try to figure out what is wrong. So over the next couple of days, she was very lethargic and ate very little. Then on Saturday, she started running a fever that lasted until Tuesday. On Tuesday, she started to eat a little bit more and I thought she was starting to feel better. Then on Thursday, she started vomiting again. So on Friday morning, I had her Depakote level checked again and it was fine (her level was at 61 - anything over 100 is considered high). When we got back from having her blood drawn, she threw up again so I made an appointment to see her pediatrician that afternoon. The pediatrician checked all her vitals and everything seemed fine but she prescribed Axid to help calm her stomach and Zofran to stop her from vomiting. Well, she vomited some more on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday, she refused to eat or drink anything at all. Then Saturday evening, after her Zofran dose, she started drinking again. On Sunday, she ate a little. Finally, that brings us to today...she had a relatively decent day of eating and was in a fairly decent mood!!! Hopefully, we have seen the last of whatever she has been going through. My poor girl - this must have been so difficult on her not being able to tell us how she felt or what she wanted!!!

I had to leave this past Friday afternoon to go out of town for the thank you Uncle Jason for watching Sophie on Friday and thank you Grandma Debbie for helping Brandon out on Saturday and Sunday. I am sure Brandon is especially grateful for you taking on nighttime duty on Friday and Saturday evening.

It is late and I should be in bed so I will post again soon about her new developments...there are some exciting things happening through all this chaos!!!

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