Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sophie's new things...

Sophie's development continues to surprise me. I cannot believe all the new things she does.
  • Bounces. She will be standing there and start bouncing up and down and nods her head along. Sometimes she will do it when music is on like she is dancing. It's adorable. She has been using a mini-trampoline with a bar you can hold to at preschool so I wonder if this is where she has learned it from. By the way Sophie loves preschool. I LOVE preschool...she is learning so much there.
  • Vocal. Sophie has been much more vocal lately. She loves to walk around saying dadadada. By the way, daddy has been her all time favorite lately.
  • Attention span. Sophie's attention span is at an all time high. She loves books. She loves turning the pages in books. She loves looking at the pictures. Today at preschool, her therapist said she paid attention the entire time she read a book to her.
  • No. Sophie has just started shaking her head no. Not that she only does it when she means no but just whenever she feels like it.
  • Understanding. Sophie is understanding more and more of what people are saying to her. She knows what "outside" and "book" means among other words. It is wonderful to see her respond to something you say to her or to see her get excited when say a word.
So this is the latest list. I love being able to post such positive news.

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