Monday, November 12, 2007


Sophie loves preschool. She is learning so much there. Sometimes, it is hard for me to believe the things her therapists are telling me that she is doing. She started preschool a little over 2 months ago and she has adjusted well, even though she still "cries" when we drop her off. At first, it was real tears. Now she just reaches back and cries out for us, but as soon as we leave the room, she is just fine. Actually, this past Friday, she jumped out of my arms to get to Barb (her developmental therapist). Unfortunately, I had to explain to Barb that I had to pick Sophie back up in 45 minutes to take her to her neuro appointment which gave Sophie enough time to decide that she wanted mommy back.

When I pick Sophie up, it is a whole different story. At first, when I would pick her up, she would give me this really sad look as to say "you better never leave me like that again". Now, she barely gives me a hug and she wants down to walk around while her therapists are explaining how she did that day. When we leave, she will hold on to my hand and walk all the way to the car. But, I can never get her to walk into preschool. Someday...

As for the things she is doing while at preschool...
  • She is consistently putting puzzle pieces into a container. I can rarely get her to put anything in a container. But, at preschool, she does it on a consistent basis while taking turns with another girl in her class.
  • She gets very excited when it is time to play ring-a-round-the rosie.
  • She loves bouncing on a trampoline and becomes very vocal while doing this.
  • She is starting to understand and follow the routine of preschool (i.e. storytime, lining up at the door, etc.).
  • She loves playing the tom-tom drums.
  • She actually took back a toy another child stole from her. Sophie was playing with a toy telephone and another girl took it away from her and Sophie took it back.
The list could go on but this is what popped out of my head for now.

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