Wednesday, November 28, 2007

On a roll...

Sophie is on a roll. So many new things!!! Sophie is a pointing addict. It is incredible because this is the most she has been able to communicate but it is EXHAUSTING...especially being 8 months pregnant. She points all day long - the light switch, the picture on the wall, the buttons on the refrigerator... In other words, anything that is above her reach. She will take my hand, lead me to whatever she wants to bang on, then turn around so I can pick her up, and then bang on whatever it is. And whenever I do not play along, she gets mad. Talk about throwing some fits. She knows what she wants and she wants it now. And that sad face she can make in an instance. She can go from being incredibly happy to tears rolling down her face to being incredibly happy again - all within a matter of seconds. She knows how to work mommy over.

She also went from refusing to put anything in a container for me (she would occasionally do it for others) to putting shapes into a shape sorter. She can only do round and square objects but she is doing it on a consistent basis. If I hand her a ball, she knows exactly where it goes. She is also stacking rings on a ring stacker.

Sophie loves music. She loves bouncing to music and her new thing is clicking her tongue to music. The first time she did it was about a week ago at 1:30am. Sophie would not sleep so I got her out of bed to let her play. As I laid there half delirious, she started clicking her tongue to the ABC song playing on one of her toys. If she didn't do it again the next day, I probably would have thought I was hallucinating. Now she clicks her tongue to all kinds of music. It is her way of singing. Also, while Sophie is standing, she will hold on to my hands and I will rock her back and forth while singing Row-Row-Row-Your Boat. Today, she came up to me and held on to my hands and started leaning back.

So those are her newest things, at least, all I can think of at the moment.

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