Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Sophie's walking is getting so much better. She is getting steadier and walking further. Last week, Sophie's physical therapist said that Sophie is taking toddler steps. She is also great at climbing steps. Sophie also was casted for new foot orthotics last week. She currently has UCB which fit right into the shoe and are below the ankles. She was casted for SMO which also fit right into the shoe but will come above the ankles. This will give her more support and hopefully she will start walking even better.

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Great Aunt Barb said...

She really is getting to be quite a mover and shaker!! Hard to believe the difference in her just since her birthday! She's so bright eyed and proud of herself with her accomplishments. as soon as we got back in town everyone wanted to hear the "Sophie Update." Sara is sure hoping to see her when they come in the end of June. Have a good second last trip to Chicago.