Sunday, May 06, 2007

Say it while you can...

I have good news to share. Why is it that when people share good news they sometimes follow it by saying "knock on wood" or "if I say it out loud my luck might change"??? Well, for the past 5 nights in a row, Sophie has been waking up around 9:45pm and having some bad seizures. These are the hardest seizures to watch. First of all, just the fact that it wakes her up breaks my heart. I remember the days when Sophie was just a newborn and I had to wake up every 3 hours to feed her. I can't imagine what it must feel like to wake up to a cluster of seizures. On top of that, she screams and cries after each one. It just breaks my heart. Well, tonight she woke up at 9:15pm. Brandon went in to rock her back to sleep and NO SEIZURES!!! It is 11:25pm right now and still NO SEIZURES. I am so happy for my little baby girl. If nothing else, she should at least get a peaceful night of sleep. During the day, she has been having 2 or 3 clusters of seizures. She usually has a cluster when she wakes up in the morning then after each nap. Hopefully, tonight will be a sign of more seizure free times to come. I'm not afraid to share the good news. There is no knocking on wood or worrying if I say it out loud my luck might change. Instead, I will take each moment as it is and cherish them.


Great Auint Barb said...

It made my day start with a smile just to read your note. Here's hoping this is the first of many peaceful nights for Sophie!!!!

Love and kisses to that sweet girl,


grey said...

I hope that she will have many more peaceful nights and i hope that soon she will have no seizures