Monday, May 14, 2007

Nightly seizures...

Sophie is back to having nightly seizures. It is so sad. It just breaks my heart.


Kelly said...

Hang in there Elaine....

My thoughts are with you.

great Aunt Barb said...

I hate to hear that it's taking so long to find just the right way to tweak her diet and meds to get a marked change in her seizure activity! She's so lucky that she has parents that never retreat and just keep pushing forward.... fighting Sophie's monster. There's going to be something that's going to slay that dragon and I know you'll find it!!


Lisa said...

I am from the IS yahoo boards. I just LOVE your little Sophie! She is beautiful! Im so sorry for the late night seizures. I am taking my Kali to Dr.Chugani and I read your experience with the visit.
I pray your Sophie will be able to have some SZ free days/nights soon.

Mama to Kali