Monday, May 21, 2007

Another long night...

Sophie woke up several times last night. She went to bed at 8:15pm. At 9:20pm, she woke up and had 4 mild seizures. Then around 12:30am, she woke up and had around 20 mild seizures. I brought her into bed with us and she had a hard time falling back asleep. I was too tired to bring her back upstairs. I think she was in and out of sleep for about 2 hours. She would lay next to me and then sit straight up and say "dadada". Then I would get her to lay down next to me again and about 15 minutes later she would sit up again. At least, she did not appear to be having any seizures. Then at 4:30am, she woke up and had around 50 bad seizures. Her whole body would tense up and she would scream and cry. These seizures just break my heart. It is so hard holding her while she is having these seizures. I just hold her and pray that they stop. I hate counting her seizures. I hate it. I hate it. I HATE IT!!! It feels like the seizures are just not going to stop and the number just keeps getting higher. It is the worst feeling in the world. My poor baby girl...I cannot imagine what that must feel like.

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