Monday, April 20, 2009

Set in stone???

Tomorrow morning I will be calling Dr. Chugani's nurse to schedule the surgery. She was out of the office all last week and will be returning tomorrow morning. She is the one that coordinates the schedule of all the doctors involved. I am scared to make the phone call. It feels too real for me. Surgery has been this concept not a reality. And even though I hoped and prayed that it would be an option for Sophie, I hoped and prayed even harder that her seizures would just stop with medication. Or just spontaneously stop for some unknown reason as they did for 33 days back in December 2007/January 2008.

I was ready the last time we thought she was a surgical candidate. This time, I am scared. So very, VERY, VERY scared.

Our time line is kind of crazy because I am 29 weeks pregnant...due July 4th. That is only 11 weeks away. And I am not suppose to travel after 36 weeks.


blogzilly said...

So how did the call go?

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. I know you'll gather the facts, weigh the pros and cons and come to the right decision whether it is to proceed with surgey or not.

Love, Barb

Jennifer Mezines said...

Thinking of you every day and hoping you find the courage, strength and wisdom to do what is best for Sophie and your family. Wishing I was there to help in some way!
Please keep posting! I check in every day to see what the latest is....

Karen said...

Hoping and praying everything falls into place for you guys. And that your sweet girl is kept safe and only continues to get well!

Best Wishes!

Holli said...

Just hoping you're holding up okay. It has to be terrifying, but we know you'll be strong!

Thinking of you and Sophie!!!

baby trevor's mommy said... IS nuts how the timing has worked out! Out of the blue...for surgery to open...when you're preggo too! As if normal emotions weren't whacky enough! Of course you're freaking out! I'm freaking out...and I live a gazillion miles away & have never held Sophie in my arms! Just my heart!

Anyway sweetie...I'm attempting to kill my pity party...and thinking about & praying for you guys instead! So MUCH on your plate...