Friday, February 20, 2009

It is NOT just a petition...

You may have not connected with Gwendolyn and her family but they have deeply touched my heart with their story. The posting below is about more than just a petition. It is about the love a mother has for her child. The need to feel like she is doing everything possible to help her daughter and others fighting this disease and stopping anyone to ever have to live the same battle. Please take a moment...literally only, foremost, sign the petition but to also spread the word. To repost on your blog, to forward in an e-mail, anything to help. Because, for most people in the world, you cannot even imagine what it must feel like to hold your baby in your arms and be told there is nothing you can do to save your child's life.

Reposted from Gwendolyn Strong's blog page...

Just A Petition

I think, perhaps, I am obsessed. No, I know I am. Each day I check the petition, multiple times a day actually. I read the comments people write and the places they are from. I look for patterns to see what outreach efforts have worked. I think about how to reach more people, how to gain more support, what to try next...every single day.

Perhaps it seems futile, perhaps pathetic. But to be told, "There is nothing you can do. Go home and love your baby" -- well, that is impossible. We have no course of action, no next step, no treatment to put all of our efforts and energy into. The petition is our rounds one, two, and three. In a sense, the petition has become a 'treatment' because seeing it grow gives me hope, encouragement, and renewed vigor to keep pushing and fighting for our daughter, for others fighting with SMA, and for all of those taken much too early by this horrible disease. I know that to most people it is just a petition, a piece of paper. But not to me. It is all I have. It is my hope. My way of fighting this cruel disease. My way of doing something... anything... instead of just sitting there and waiting. I'm on the lookout for miracles, but none seem headed in our direction, so this is all I've got.

And so, when you pass out fliers... when you post on your blog... when you tell a friend... You are helping. When you offer to lend a hand and mean it... when you take action and really do instead of just talking about doing... You are helping. More than you know. You are helping one mother feel as if I am not alone, as if I have not given up. And I thank you for that, for giving me a little bit of hope...I need it to be a better mother to Gwendolyn.

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Heather said...

I don't think I have to repeat myself to you.What is it about this sweet child??Her face,her family ... amazing.