Thursday, February 05, 2009

California or bust...

This post is long overdue. We went to San Diego at the end of November to visit my sister and her family. Though, I couldn't resist posting these adorable pictures of the kids. Oh, how we miss San Diego so very much!!!!! We had an absolutely wonderful time.

Sophie had fun playing in the sand. Elsa rode her first roller coaster and loved it. We all got to spend a lot time outside. Sophie was suppose to go back to school the day after we got home but it was cancelled due to bad took quite a few weeks for me to convince Sophie she couldn't just walk outside to beautiful weather.

Sophie and Elsa both loved the stroller walks up to Colin and Nicholas' school. Though, Colin and Nicholas got a little tired of having to walk home (it's right about a mile from their house) so we came up with some interesting ways to fit all 4 kids in 2 strollers.

We went to Sea World, Lego Land and made quite a few trips to the beach. The sand was great for Sophie's sensory issues. Though you wouldn't think she had any once you look at the picture below. But on our last vacation to the beach she cried as soon as her feet touched the sand. I guess she has somehow worked that one out in the endless hours of therapy she has had since then. She still has issues with snow but it is starting to get better.

Unfortunately, Haley wasn't able to go with us. We went for 18 days and just could not take her out of school that long.

Sophie and Elsa on the playground at the beach.

Cute picture of Elsa in her favorite stroller.

Aunt Erin and Elsa on the teacup ride at Sea World.
She practically leaped out of Erin's arms trying to get on the ride when she saw the other kids getting on.
So even though Erin was starting to get a little nauseous from the other spinning rides, she couldn't let her down.

Colin and Nicholas at the beach.

Sophie having a blast playing in the sand.

Daddy and Sophie playing in the water. It was too cold to go swimming.
But if it was up to Sophie, she would have dove straight in.

Aunt Erin and Elsa on the beach. She loved the water almost as much as Sophie.

Elsa playing in the giant rocks.

Sophie, Daddy, Elsa and Me at the beach.

Uncle Joe, Elsa, Sophie and Daddy at the beach.


JSmith5780 said...

I am beyond jealous. 18 days of warmth!

That is great that Sophie is overcoming her sensory issues! She looks like she LOVES sand now. Perhaps a sand table for home?

baby trevor's mommy said...

You have a great picture eye! It's something about the lighting always being nice? Or maybe it's just cause you guys are all just so darn cute?!


Makes my heart happy...that you guys had some happy. Somewhere warm. With sand. *smile*


Anonymous said...

Sure looks like a wonderful time!!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures. What beautiful children. It was just a matter of time before Sophie became a sand connoisseur, because she is a very bright young lady. Spring is definitely time for a sand box. I happen to know where there is a source of spare sand from around the world (including Hawaii) that would happily be contributed to a sand box christening.

Best Wishes,

Heather said...

Next time,next time ... we connect.Beautiful pictures and maybe ... California is calling ...permanently??