Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day...

Sophie had a Friendship Day party at her preschool on Thursday. It was so adorable. She was full of giggles as she couldn't figure out why Elsa was there. Elsa sat at the table waiting for her treat just like the rest of the big kids. Sophie kept looking over at her and laughing. It was so sweet.


Anonymous said...

Just when you think they couldn't possibly be cuter...With every posting Sophie and Elsa become more precious. These are great. Elsa being a big girl with her doting big sister.

I'm glad that you have made the decision to go back to Dr. Chugani. You are doing everything possible in the best interest of your Sweet Sophie, even at the cost of great personal emotional difficulty. She will not remember the trying times. Minds work in mysterious ways.

Feel confident that you are making the best possible decisions. Rely on the strength of all who love you and know there are more prayers being said than you know. AND take care of yourself! Before you know it, Sophie will be a big sister times two.


Chris and Julie said...

Too cute-Sophie and Elsa are so adorable!

Jackson's Blog said...

They look so sweet and cute sitting at the table!

I am glad to hear you are going again to Dr. Chugani. for testing. I know it is difficult going through all the tests again! However, you are right, Sophie probably won't remember it. As parents...we definitely will!

We are headed back to Detroit in April/May for follow date set yet. When are you all going?

We will continue to keep Sophie and your family in our prayers!

baby trevor's mommy said...

super cute!