Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Using signs...

Sophie is really starting to use the signs she has learned without being prompted. It all started with her pointing at everything she wanted. Then she learned her first sign which was "more". We had to use hand over hand to get her to do the sign. Then it went to us verbally prompting her to sign "more". Now she will sign "more" without us even prompting her. The other day, we were out shopping and Sophie started signing "more" and "drink" on her own!!! How exciting is that!!! She was actually telling me she was thirsty without visually seeing her cup. I was holding her in my arms and I was pushing Elsa in the stroller and she got my attention and did those signs. Even more exciting is that she is doing 2 signs in a row!!! She is doing all of this despite seizing all day long. That is one determined little girl!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like both of the girls moving right along. Can't wait to see them next month. I think in a few months you're going to be spinning in more circles than you are now!! One climbing and one crawling. I'm so excited that Sophie is signing. How great that she can finally communicate what she wants. That's a giant leap forward.

Love to all,