Monday, May 05, 2008

More on Elsa...

Elsa is doing wonderful. She is our calm, laid back baby. It did not start out that way...she use to cry when Sophie would make her loud noises (which was very often), she startled very easily, it was hard to figure out when she was hungry or tired. She has gotten use to Sophie - licking and all!!! She is in a great routine and is sleeping for longer stretches during the night. She hardly ever cries. She entertains herself easily. She goes to sleep easily.

Elsa's accomplishments...she has rolled over from her tummy to her back a few more times, she is attempting to roll from her back to her tummy, she stares at her hands at amazement (just started doing that today), she has laughed a few times*, she is grasping objects and bringing them towards her, she is tracking objects (she actually started doing that at around 6 weeks), she has great control of her head and can even hold it up for several minutes at a time while she is on her belly, no flat spots (woohoo - you can only imagine how obsessive I was over that considering all that we went through with Sophie!!!), normal EEG (yes - Brandon and I freaked out about how much she would startle that we took her to get an EEG**), she is very talkative - especially when you talk to her, she loves to chew on her blanket and her fist (she is definitely going to be a blankie baby). Most importantly, she is just a happy and healthy little baby girl. I am trying so hard to take in every moment which is sometimes very hard to do but I occasionally remind myself to take a step back and just enjoy her. She is so very precious and has a smile that just melts my heart.

*One time Sophie laughed in her face and Elsa laughed right back at was so precious!
** The startle reflex looks very much like a tonic seizure.

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jotcr2 said...

I completely understand you booking in the eeg after watching Elsa have little startles. I am 8.5 months pregnant, and I know that I'll be paranoid about startles. If I am the slightest bit concerned, I'll just get the Pead to organise an EEG too. That is how Sheena presented with her spasms - simple little startles. That, and her MASSIVE irritablity all the time