Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I really think I can officially say that Sophie has moved beyond babbling and is now talking. Last week, she said eeebaa!!! That is huge!!! She strung 2 different sounds together and said it at the same time. She said it about 20 times that day but now will only occasionally say it. Then, the following day, she said baby. I didn't hear it but she said it for Grandma Debbie and Daddy. I think she said it about 3 times but I haven't heard it since. Then the following day, she said baaeeebee!!! That is a 3 syllable word. Okay, maybe it is not a real word but 3 different syllables nonetheless. Now she is saying ball (though the "ll" sound at the end isn't always clear). If you hold a ball up and ask her what it is she will say ball. Actual sound...no signing and no prompting. She is getting it!!! I am so proud of her. She is going to be talking up a storm before we know it. Woohoo!!!

By the way, we are now down to 125mg of Depakote twice a day. Her seizures are a bit stronger than before the wean and on some days she may have a few more than usual but isn't it worth it??? She was sacrificing development for a bit more seizure control. Isn't that a tough decision to make??? On one hand, I hate seeing these stronger seizures. On the other hand, I am ecstatic over her leaps and bounds on communication. Is this selfish on my part? No, I am her mother and I am only doing what I think is in her best interest (or at least...that is what I tell myself). Well, we have a neuro appointment next Tuesday, so I will update on what we are to do about this never ending seizure battle. By the way, May 10th was 2 years to the day when Sophie was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms. 2 years!!! I can remember that day like it was yesterday...ugh!!!

I just couldn't end this post on a negative note with it being such great news, so I will share a little story that filled my heart with joy today... Sophie was giving Elsa kisses today, like she always does. She loves to give her kisses and Elsa loves to get them. They entertain each other so much. Sophie will laugh in Elsa's face and Elsa will laugh right back at her. Well, after Sophie gave Elsa one of her big smooches, Sophie turned around and gave me one. Not that she has never done that before. But right at that moment, I saw the big picture....my little girl spontaneously giving me a kiss...how could life get any better.

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Anonymous said...

This is such great news!! What an exciting world is opening up for Sophie(not to mention Mom and Dad)! Sophie's Kansas City cheering squad is clapping as loud as we can.

Aunt Barb