Sunday, May 18, 2008

Random pictures...

Here are pictures from random events over the past month...

Tummy time.

More tummy time.

Oh, so sweet!
(Elsa & Sophie)

Hair obsessed Sophie!
(Sophie & Elsa)

Holding hands.

(Sophie & Elsa)

Family portrait on the day of Elsa's baptism.
(Colin, Aunt Erica, Uncle Ed, Ben, Aunt Erin, Nicholas, Uncle Joe & Elsa)

(Nicholas & Elsa)

Sophie loves when her cousins drive her around in this jeep. It is one of her favorite things to do.
(Sophie & Colin)

(Uncle Ed & Sophie)

Sisters...Can't get any better than this!!!
(Elsa, Sophie & Haley)
I love my big sis!
(Haley & Elsa)

Pictures taken on Mother's Day...

Big smiles.

My mischievous little Sophie.

I love Daddy!
(Elsa & Brandon)

(Sophie & Zach)

Sophie playing with her own eyelashes.
(Sophie, Uncle Jason, Elsa & Aunt Colette)

My girls.
(Mommy, Sophie & Elsa)

(Sophie & Elsa)


Anonymous said...

What great pictures!!! I think all the cousins are going to have a good time this summer!!!



baby trevor's mommy said...

Wow Elaine...your message came at exactly the right time! It's crazy (but not suprising) how bonded we feel to other IS families!


Our neuro has a tendancy towards speaking her gut...which can be good & bad *grin* But in a way...I appreciate her honesty...probably because I know how much she cares for Trevor. I think that makes a difference, ya know?

Anyway...Sophie is just beautiful! Your whole family is!

Would you mind if I add your site to mine?


Cathy said...

Elaine - Your girls are beautiful like you.I have three boys.It takes strong and special siblings to be part of a family with epilepsy. I think the siblings of our seizure kids are just as brave and amazing as my Noah and your Sophie!! Congrats and belated Happy Mother's Day.