Monday, May 19, 2008

New signs...

Sophie is now signing "on", "take a break", and "blanket". It is such a collaborative effort and it is so exciting when you are the one that teaches her the new sign. Grandma Debbie taught her "on". I tried teaching her that one but I wasn't very effective. Grandma Debbie was able to teach it to her in a matter of hours or maybe even less than that. Sophie's ABA therapist taught her "take a break" as part of her therapy sessions. She is not quite there yet but will try very hard when verbally prompted. I am not exactly sure how she learned "blanket". It is part of her Baby Einstein - My First Signs video which she loves to watch. Occasionally, we will sit down together and I will assist her in doing the signs but I never reinforced "blanket". I think she just gets it now and picks up signs quite easily. So that is a total of 23 signs! That is pretty impressive considering she just started signing about 3 months ago.

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