Monday, June 02, 2008

Depakote and seizures...

We are now down to one Depakote capsule a day (125mg). Her seizures seemed to have stabilized. She probably has anywhere from 30 to 50 seizures a day. It's hard to keep track. Or really, I just hate counting them. I use to keep a log of every seizure she had. I would write down when, how many, what type. I just can't keep up with that anymore. Now, I pick a day and I'll record them and then forget about it for awhile. I tried to track them today since we have her neuro appointment tomorrow, but I didn't. Let me try to recall...she had about 8 when she woke up this morning...then a half hour went by and she had a few more...then she had a few periodically throughout the morning...then she had about 10 when she woke up from her nap...then she had a few periodically throughout the evening...probably around 30 in total...and those are only the ones I saw. After 2 years of having seizures, this is what it has come down to. It is just part of our daily lives. So I will try to post tomorrow and let you all know how her neuro appointment goes.

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Reagan Leigh said...

I know how you feel. Reagan just has so many it's too exhausting to even attempt to count them (and depressing). I know that she's having hundreds a day right now. I remember the days when she had only 30 a day...but honestly ANY seizures are too many as far as I am concerned. Hang in there! Sophie's in my prayers.