Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ACTH - Day 8

We increased the dosage today to .4mL twice a day. The nurse came this morning to draw blood* and give the shot and Jake came this evening to give the shot (thank you...I know how emotionally hard that must have been on did a great job...she didn't point to the boo-boo on her leg afterwards like she sometimes does). Needless to say, Sophie was a little wiped out for school today. I wish I would have planned it better to where her increase in dosage was not on the morning before she went to school.

I want to say thank you to everyone for being so supportive through this process. Jason...thank you for coming over the first few days and assisting Brandon with the shots. My IS friends...thank you for all your support and advice...what would we do without the internet?!?! My mom...thank you for coming over during the day and helping out with the girls especially at a moments notice. My mother-in-law...thank you for always being there especially these last few days while Brandon has been out of town...I can't imagine what this morning would have been like if you were not here.

Seizure update... A bit better. No drastic changes but sometimes the seizures are a bit milder than usual. On Monday night, she slept through the entire night without waking up!!! It has been awhile since she has done that. It was absolutely wonderful. Elsa didn't wake up until 5am and then went right back to sleep. They both woke up around 8am. Thank goodness because this was the first time I have ever spent the night alone with both kids. Last night, she woke up at about midnight and had about 5 mild seizures. So her nights have been getting a lot better.

* The nurse was able to draw blood for lab work via a finger poke. Sophie had to hold this warm pack in her hands for a few minutes to increase blood flow and boy did it work. Her finger wouldn't stop bleeding for a bit. It bleed through the gauze pad and we had to put a second band-aid on her. I'll take this any day over trying to fish for a vein in the arm. There is only one nurse at the lab at the hospital where we usually go that can get it on the first try. So YEAH for the finger poke! And BOO for the fact we recognize the nurses who draw blood.

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Reagan Leigh said...

I know a little improvement isn't exactly what you're looking for but it has to start somewhere and hopefully you'll see slight improvement each day until they are gone completely!! I know how you feel about the blood draws...we have the exact same problem with Reagan...there's only one lady that can find her veins!! Poor kiddos!