Saturday, June 21, 2008

ACTH - Day 3

The nurse gave Sophie her first shot which went okay...just a little blood and a lot of tears but she calmed down within a few minutes. Brandon gave Sophie her second shot which didn't go so well...a lot of blood and a lot of tears and she kept pointing to that spot on her leg all night long. Then Brandon gave Sophie her third shot last night...the best yet with no blood and a few tears and she calmed down quickly. So hopefully this will continue to get easier with time. Last night, after much advice from many different people (thank you all by the way), we decided to swaddle her and lay her down (the first 2 times I tried to hold her in my lap and wrap my arms and legs around her) and it was much easier to keep her still.

Thursday wasn't a very good day. She was very moody and had many seizures.

Friday was a better day. She was in a great mood and had her usual amount of seizures during the day but had a great evening until about 1am when she had a fairly large cluster of seizures that made her scream and cry.

This morning has been much better though and the total count so far is 7 (not including 3 movements that were questionable).

Currently, Sophie is on .5mL (40 units) given at night. On Wednesday, we increase to .4mL twice a day. The nurse will be coming on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings to give Sophie the shot so that will be a big help with Brandon's work schedule.


baby trevor's mommy said...

At first, I thought the idea of swaddling Trevy was barbaric (as if ACTH isn't right?) but it was SO much easier.

I'm glad the shots are going bit's never easy tho.



Anonymous said...

Hope it becomes a little less traumatic as you go along. Can't wait to see Sophie and Elsa next week.