Tuesday, March 04, 2008

IVIG update...

I decided to matters into my own hands. Last week, I made an appointment with a pediatric hematologist. We met with him last Wednesday and he said we could start the IVIG treatment as soon as possible. By Thursday, I had a call from his office saying everything was coordinated with the hospital in order for her to get the IVIG treatment and EEG. Our appointment is tomorrow morning!!! Can you believe that?!? Nothing ever happens that quickly...especially without several phone calls.

The first treatment would take all day since it would be given slowly to see how Sophie reacts. If she tolerates the first treatment well, the rest of the treatments will be much quicker. Usually, they give the treatments in the office. Since their office is in a pediatric cancer center (very heartbreaking seeing those kids there), it is setup for such treatments with a big play area and televisions. But, since I want Sophie to also have an EEG at the same time (to see how her brain reacts to the treatment), we had to coordinate efforts with the hospital and she will receive her first treatment in the hospital.

Please keep Sophie in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow. It is going to be a very traumatic day for her since she will be confined to a hospital bed with numerous leads (for the EEG) glued to her head along with an IV. But as always, I know she will be a trooper and be back to her happy self by the time we get home.

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Anonymous said...

I will be thinking of you guys all day but you have to be sure to keep us updated! Let me know if there is anything that we can do to make the day any easier on you!