Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lots of pictures...

Sophie, Daddy and Elsa...What an exhausting day!!!

Sophie, Mommy and Elsa...Sophie loves to touch and hold ANYONE'S hair when she sucks her thumb. All she needs is the littlest amount of hair and that thumb goes in her mouth.

Elsa and Sophie...Sophie is very big into licking things nowadays. Unfortunately for Elsa, she loves to lick her head. Sticking her fingers into Elsa's mouth was just a little added bonus ;)

Sophie stealing Elsa's pacifier. Oh well, Elsa refuses to take the pacifier anyway (or a bottle right now - I'm in big trouble with that one).

Elsa and Haley...Elsa is already looking up to her big sister.

Sophie is trying to reach the cheese puffs on the top shelf.

Sophie loves climbing on everything and anything. She watched Haley climb up a slide once and she was determined to do it herself.

Despite the snow in the background, it was actually a nice day outside. Sophie walked from our back patio, down a couple of steps, and followed the grassy area where the snow melted around the house to get to her swing. She hates the snow. She did this all by herself. That took some logic for her to figure out how to get to her swing without walking in the snow.
Time to go in.

Here are pictures from Sophie's last hospital stay. Here she is oblivious to what is about to happen to her. Just hanging out in her pajamas and snacking on some trail mix.


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous pictures!! Where did you get the time to post all of this....Have you locked yourself in a closet with a laptop?!

We sure have enjoyed the updates.


Aunt Barb

Anonymous said...

A beautiful and amazing family. Thank you for sharing such personal moments. Its absolutely inspirational.