Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yet another ER visit (not to be confused with my last post)...

Sophie woke up around 10pm Monday evening with difficulty breathing. She was trying to cry but couldn't because she could not catch her breath. She had been a little congested the last couple of days so we tried steaming up a bathroom to help clear her airways. This did not work so we took her outside to breathe in some cool air. This helped a little but she was still having difficulty breathing. So we called the pediatrician's exchange number. A nurse called us backed and listened to Sophie's breathing over the phone and told us to immediately take her to the ER. This time we decided to take her to a different ER than the last 2 times.

Sophie was immediately admitted into the ER and was diagnosed with croup. We had a feeling that this was what it was but since she did not have the distinct barking cough we were unsure. The doctor said Sophie was in stridor and was given a dose of steroids and a breathing treatment. Wow - what a difference this made. Her breathing immediately sounded better and she was no longer in stridor. After the treatment, we had to wait 90 minutes to make sure she did not relapse. So we turned off the lights, laid in bed and took a little nap. Around 2am, Sophie was released.

She still is not feeling well and now has a constant runny nose. If she even sees me with the suction bulb in my hand, she starts crying. I never realized how strong or limber she was until I had to hold her down myself while suctioning her nose. I have to use every limb on my body to achieve this. She can twist and turn her body in such a way that it makes it almost impossible to do this myself. It's either that or wipe her nose every 5 minutes. If I don't catch it in time, then she rubs it all over her face...yuck!!! She also cries when she has a deep cough which doesn't help her runny nose at all.

Oh, and our ER experience was so much better. Everyone was very nice and competent.


Great Aunt Barb said...

Bummer!!! Sure hope she's feeling better soon.

Love to all of you


Anonymous said...

I have followed Sophie's blog since Brandon told me about it. What an incredible story of strength, perseverance and love.

How remarkable of Elaine to share such personal and poignant stories. I laugh and I cry.

Sorry I didn't reach you by her birthday but I have a belated gift for her when you are ready.

Sophie has a secret advocate. The advocate has red hair and suffered many adversities at Sophie's age.

My very best wishes to a beautiful young girl and her unbelievable family.

Chris B.