Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Sophie seizures have been getting better meaning we see less and less each day!!! But why??? It seems the more carbs we give her, the less seizures she has. Is this why we are seeing less seizures??? Or is it that she is just outgrowing them??? Or is it because she is sick??? In some kids, being sick reduces seizures or it can increase seizures or it can not make a difference. So many variables. I really don't care why as long as she stays on this pattern!!! I am scared to be hopeful. Sophie has been battling daily seizures for over 18 months now. How I long for just one day that she does not have any seizures. JUST ONE DAY. JUST ONE DAY WHERE I CAN SAY...NO SEIZURES TODAY. One day at a time, right? Then I can hope for 2 days, then 3 days...

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Great Aunt Barb said...

I'm celebrating this good news with you!! I'm not going to think about why or what tomorrow mught be...just go with celebrating every little milestone and piece of good news. Although my fingers are crossed that one night, before long, you can go to bed and suddenly think..oh, my! I don't think I noticed a seizure today.

Happy Halloween, Sophie!!

Love you