Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

Wow - I can't believe Sophie is 2 years old today!!! The first year of her life seemed to have last forever but this past year has just flown by. She has accomplished so much this past year. It seems each day she learns something new. I love this age...for the most part. It is so exciting watching her grow and figure new things out. Her personality is really emerging and her facial expressions are so adorable. On the other hand, she has become so demanding. So very demanding. It is great to see her know what she wants but that can be so exhausting. It is hard to draw boundaries with her but I am sure with a new baby on the way that it will just naturally happen. I love her so much. It didn't happen overnight with me. I remember when she was first born and I loved her and adored her but not like now. She fills my heart with so much joy.

Sophie is so blessed to have so many people love her. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. We have enjoyed opening the cards and reading them to her. It means so much to us to know so many people care about her.

Happy 2nd birthday my toddler girl!!!


Grandma Debbie said...

Two years old – it seems like last month that we were waiting at the hospital to first see her, last week that she was getting her first haircut, or yesterday that she was taking her first step. But it does seem like 2 years that we have loved her. Happy Birthday Sophie!

Great Aunt Barb said...

Have a great birthday celebration, Sophie. We'll all be thinking of you.

Love, Aunt Barb