Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What a great day!!!

It was so great to see Sophie almost to her old self. She was so much more alert and playful. We even got to play outside for awhile. She loved going down the slide. She even climbed up the steps BY HERSELF!!! And then as soon as she got to the top, she would try to stand. We would hold her hands and then she would walk across to the twisty slide. She would then sit down and scoot her butt until she went down the slide. She has no fear. She didn't want to go down the small straight slide that was right next to the top of the steps. Instead, she would go straight to the tall twisty slide.

Actually, she has been trying to push to a stand all day today. She will in the crawling position in the middle of the floor and then push her legs straight with her butt up in the air and then try to stand. Ahhh, poor girl, she tries so hard and she is almost there. It must be so frustrating. But it is that frustration that pushes her to keep trying. She never gives up.

Sophie ate all her meals today without throwing up. She even got a regular keto meal for dinner consisting of chicken, butter, cream, one small piece of broccoli, and a tiny bit of jello. The amount of butter was just as much as the amount of chicken. I almost gagged when I was feeding her straight butter. But she loved it. I gave her the butter first thinking that I should try to get it down her first. As soon as she got her first bite, she started banging on her tray for more food. She gobbled all the food down. Then we mixed the heavy whipping cream with some water and heated it up in a bottle. She downed the bottle and wanted more. So we immediately gave her a bath to take her mind off things.

She had a lot of fun today playing with her new "keto" friends. There are 3 other families that started the diet with us. It has been great being able to go through this with other people who can completely relate to you.

Brandon is staying the night in the hospital with Sophie tonight. When I last spoke to him at around 9pm, she was sleeping. Hopefully, she will sleep through the night and be well rested for our trip home tomorrow. I can't wait to be home!!!


Great Aunt Barb said...

I'm so glad to hear Sophie had such a good day. I know that means Mom and Dad had a good day too. It can only get better once you get home. Have a good morning and quick trip home.

Love, Barb

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm glad to hear you guys had a good day and that Sophie has taken well to her new diet. Sounds like she is getting more and more mobile all the time, she'll be standing before you know it. Have a safe trip home.